"Ideas are cheap. Detailed predictions of unknown phenomena from those ideas is the real testing ground." -NDTyson
Testing Unknown Phenomena: Ground, Hiroshima, August 6th 1945. ~3K

"With the below seven lines of code, I will show Pope Francis a Christ." Peter the Roman
"The Emergence of the Universe is the precipitation of Chaos through the evaporation of Control." ~3K
"U, and I, Plus 3 Pasts, 3 Futures, 3 Moments, equals the 11 dimensions of String's M Theory." ~3K
"N'Sanity is a funny state. One never quite knows when they have arrived." ~3K
"Using a Krishna, a Christ and a Messiah, turn a Prophet." ~3K
"KnoWell, the infinite of an instant." ~3K

August 6th 2015
Your last show.

August 6th 1982 in Atlanta, Ga: The burning of the Immaculate Conception Shrine.
"The War of Northern Aggression", about a revolution calling for Legislation: The digital footprint act 2015.
"Each American owns their digital footprint. Not the corporation nor the government." ~3K
Now that you have dropped a tab of acid, let's talk through the debris field to Che Guevara.
History has placed me in this particular position. I try not waste it.

The person towards the top middle is "Ernesto Che Guevara Lynch" by his dad's grand mother.
That is me top right corner. My DNA strongly suggests Irish Clan Colla. Null DYS 425.
"Dave" Che's cousin from Atlanta, Me, David Noel Lynch, the creator of this page.
Just under Che is the signature of Vicente Fox.

Over the lifetime of a cat named Bandit, I have been working on a solution.
To bridge the gap between Science and Religion.
I have it. The KnoWell

Edge of your seat. Oblivion
Atlanta, Georgia, 2015, the Pope visits Atlanta.
Has a meeting with KnoWell at the most historic church in Atlanta.
The Immaculate Conception Shrine that rests on stones quarried and placed by the Lynch family.

The Pope was drawn a KnoWell that balances the Fundamentals of Science with the Extremist of Religion.
This lead to the KnoWell showing the Pope how to use Control and Chaos to split a photon.
Leaving the Pope holding a particle in his left hand, and is trying to hold an inverse wave in his right hand.
Holding the particle hand out in front of his face to push on the future.
Trying to hold the inverse wave by reaching directly behind him grasping for a past.
Standing on the edge of oblivion watching antiquity exchange place with eternity.
Understanding that between Control and Chaos there exists a precious waveform.

I am about to pull a Nostradamus. Century VIii, Quatrain 38.


Coin incidences built a Pair of Dimes between two People.
Below is my infinite moment with Nicole Hassard.

Showing the astronomical odds that exists between any two people.
Especially the top left Jupiters resting on the sloped curve..

Each other's Venus split by a top bottom meridian line made of two Earths and two Suns. Check out Mercury.

Foo Fighters

David Grohl 1969.1.14: Taylor Hawkins 1972.2.16: Chris Shiflett 1971.5.6: Nate Mendel 1968.12.2

If the above caught your attention, let me show you the below Quad Train regarding a 1.9 second photograph.

The above and below central images are of a 1.9 second exposure. A photograph of Sunlight tied in a knot.

The Quad Trains lead me to KnoWell, Forever, Elohim, Gold, Rebecca, and Berta seen in the below snippet Kant from LENS: 2012.12.12

To those with a KnoWell

LENS: 2012.12.12

Now let me tell you my story, about Peter Roman in Avignon.

On to
A Quantum Leap


3 Doors Down

Alter Bridge

Snow Patrol

Gift to Jon Stewart