25 Dec 2013
As Pope, your words have forged tremendous truths in the minds of those that are willing to listen.
As Pope, your words have challenged leaders to take steps to bridge the gap between those that have and those that do not have.
As Pope, your words pale in comparison to your actions.
Keep up the good work.

Over the past ten years,
my world has been consumed by thousands of actions
centered on an attempt to deliver a simple message that we are all one with our creator.
The message emerged out of four terabytes of abstract photography.
The abstract photography began at the time that I realized the meaning of a memory set in place twenty six year prior.

On 19 Jun 1977, I was involved in a serious auto accident. Due to the nature of my injuries,
I was left with the persistent memory of being dead.
Below is a link to my best written recollection of my accident.
Just by coin incidence on 19 Jun 325, the Council of Nicaea was convened.

On 16 Sept 2003, I looked at part of my memory of being dead in the reverse.
Suddenly, my world view took a one hundred eight degree turn.
On that September night, abstract photography emerged from my soul.
Over the next year, the abstract images became backgrounds upon which I dumped my thoughts trying to resolve
how I could have been in a spirit state observing the physical world.

In November of 2004, I walked into the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta that rests on stones quarried and placed by my family.
I told Henry Gracz about my death experience, and I presented to Henry some of my artwork.
At that time, I told Henry, “If my writings are correct, something great is going to happen in December.”
Henry said, “Let’s hope it is something good.”

On 26 Dec 2004, the great quake struck Andaman Indonesia.
Since the quake was across the international dateline from Atlanta, the quake struck at 19:59 EST on December 25th.
I was conceived in 1959. After the quake, I enshrined the artwork given to Henry.
Below is a link to the shrine that contains the original work in the center.
Click on the central image to enlarge.


The artwork that I presented to Henry Gracz shows how I derived an equation
that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite. 
Below is a link to the KnoWell equation. Please note that the below KnoWell is for Peter Roman.


If Saint Malachy is to be taken seriously, we live in the time of Peter Roman.
The historical point when you as the pope are to empower everyone to be one with our creator.
I invite you to the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta. There I will draw you a KnoWell,
and explain how the memory of my death resulted in the equation that bridges the gap between Science and Religion.
Through the KnoWell, you may even see a Christ before you.

See you in Atlanta Georgia,
David Noel Lynch