Hey Cold Beer,

What’s happening?

You sly dog you. The quickness of your wit is absolutely mind boggling.
Watching you swing your sword of sarcasm and hearing you imaginganate wonderful words like guesstamication,
is a pure joy.  

On March 14th 2014, you nearly got Neil deGrasse Tyson to admit that there is a God. 
At 29 seconds in part 2 of your interview, Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “We have discovered a thousand exoplanets;
discovered the Highs Boson which grants mass to other particles, we have discovered the multi-verse.
We have strong ideas that a multi-verse exists.”

The instant that Science expounds proof regarding the existence of the Multi-Verse,
the existence of a God can no longer be denied. Below is a logic puzzle that is a critical thinker’s Chinese finger trap.
An "Atheist" quickly gravitates to the multiverse theory that contains an endless multitude
of possibilities residing in an infinite number of Universes within a bulk.

Yet, the instant a "Theist" suggests that a deity is in one of the infinite number of Universes,
the "Atheist" proclaims knowledge that a God cannot exist anywhere.

By proclaiming knowledge over an infinite number of Universes,
the "Atheist" is acting like an Omnipotent God. ~3K
Actually the multi-Verse theory is an artifact of Mathematics.
By increasing the number one fractionally,
one never reaches two, and the inverse by decreasing two fractionally,
the number two never reaches one.
Below is a link that shows a graphic example of this Mathematical anomaly.


Heaven forbid I suggest to a Scientist that there are serious errors in the language of Mathematics.
To do so is the equivalent of telling a Christian that Christ is a myth.  Neither group will listen.
Yet that has not stopped me for reaching out to those that might listen.

In response to an email that I sent to Neil deGrasse Tyson on December 17th 2007
asking for his thoughts on my equation that uses the energy of Einstein,
the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite,
Neil deGrasse Tyson responded, “Ideas are cheap.
Detailed predictions of unknown phenomena from those ideas is the real testing ground.
When you produce such a list of testable predictions I will be happy to comment on it. -NDTyson”

To predict an unknown phenomena with a cheap idea, would require an enormous anomaly.
Since Science discards results not easily reproduced, the most unique events fade into oblivion.
Thus to reach an "unknown" phenomena testing ground is scientifically impossible.
To resolve the situation, one must enter the realm of miracles.

On June 19th 2013, you opened your show with a wonderful tribute to your mother.
Your words etched my soul with groves that I hope will never fade.
This is just a coin incidence, but on June 19th 1977, I was involved in a serious auto accident
Due to the injuries received that night, I have a persistent memory of being dead.  Before that night I was an atheist.
After that night, I became spiritual, but not religious.

For 26 years, I was at peace with the memory of that night.
In 2003, I had a life changing event that altered the way that I looked at my past.
I began to look at the memory of that night in the reverse.
I asked myself, “How could I have been in a spirit state observing the physical world?”
On September 16th 2003, I stumbled into abstract photography.
In my mind’s eye, I was painting music.


During the spring of 2004, I developed my talent creating abstracts from just about any subject like Dale Chihuly glass.


One night I awoke from a dream where I saw one of my abstract photographs reflected like a Rorschach.


Over the summer of 2004, I began using abstract photographs as background for me to write out my thoughts.


In the fall of 2004, my thoughts congealed into an abstract creation that laid the foundation for my equation.


When I realized what I had done, I went to the oldest church in Atlanta,
The Immaculate Conception Shrine, and spoke with the Monsignor Henry Gracz.
I told Henry how my family quarried and laid the stones for the foundation of the Immaculate Conception Shrine.
I told him about my car wreck, and I told him a detailed description of my death experience.

I asked Henry Gracz, “If a Christ was to return today, how much time would they have before the world took them out?”
Henry just smiled, so I said, “Fifteen minutes?” Henry responded, “If that long.” So I said, “So a Christ might have five minutes.
I bet in those five minutes, a Christ would do one thing. Christ would write down
“Jesus the Christ” then scratch out the “the” and write “Jesus a Christ”
elevating everyone to Christ’s level eliminating the desire that people had to kill Christ.”

That day, I gave Henry Gracz a 13”x19” print of the Elohim Montaj,
and I told Henry that if my writings are correct something great is going to happen in December.


On December 26th 2004, the great quake struck Andaman Island at 6:59 AM.
Taking the international dateline into consideration, the great quake struck at 19:59 EST.
Just so happens that 1959 is the year of my conception.
What are the odds? If you ask me, this is one of those "unknown" phenomena.

"The emergence of the Universe is the precipitation of chaos through the evaporation of control." ~3K

When Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an appearance on the Late Show,
please think about using the critical thinker’s Chinese finger trap.
Maybe shoot straight from the hip and ask Neil, “If there are an infinite number of Universes,
how can Science prove that there is not a deity in one of them.”
Since Science cannot eliminate that there could be a Universe with a deity,
then Science must accept that this Universe maybe the one with a deity.

Also, Science embraces the interpretation that Schrödinger's cat is simultaneously alive and dead,"
yet Science shuns individuals that have a memory of being dead. If Schrödinger's cat can be both alive and dead,
why cannot a live human have the memory of being dead?

"Since the Universe is made of atoms, what can be nothing?" ~3K

In my letter to Fay Dowker,
I explain how to apply the KnoWell equation to some of the questions raised by recent cosmological observations.
The KnoWell equation strongly suggests that the Universe is a Steady State System.”

My abstract artwork documents the emergence of the KnoWell equation.
Trying to give my artwork a chance to survive the ravage of time, I started targeting those that inspired me in my creation.
I would go to convert venues, I would give a gift of my artwork to the bands,
I would get the band’s signatures on one of my abstract photographs,
and I would create a Montaj marking the passage of the event.
The below Montaj was created for the band “10 years”


I have been to more galleries that I can remember, and I have had more rejection that I care to remember.
I went to the Atlanta High Museum, and I measured their space. I used a 3D computer modeling program to recreate their space.
I placed my artwork on their virtual walls, and I made a video of how my artwork would look on their walls.


From 2003 to 2014, I have created 3.5 terabytes of artwork organized in daily folders.
Recently, I have archived the artwork used to create the LENS:2012.12.12 video on four MDisc Blu-Ray disks.
The MDisc is rated to last 1000 years.
My hope is that the High will have a showing of my work while I am alive and can sign them.

This past Christmas 2013, I sent a letter to Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
If Saint Malachy is to be taken seriously, we live in the time of Peter Roman.
The historical point when Jorge as the pope is to empower everyone to be one with our creator.
I invited Jorge to the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta.
There I will draw Jorge a KnoWell,
and explain how the memory of my death resulted in the equation that bridges the gap between Science and Religion.
Through the KnoWell, Jorge may even see a Christ before his eyes.

Best wishes,

David Noel Lynch