Standing with the crucifix and alter directly behind me.
The top of the stairs leading down to the audience are at the tips of my feet.
CGI the steps breaking apart and falling down into a black line of abyss that splits the church in half between the audience and me.
The top step becomes sand that slowly falls over the edge of the top step into the pure black of oblivion. Behind oblivion is eternity.

At this point in the story, I used the spin of an electron to hand the 11 dimensions of string’s M theory to Neil deGrasse Tyson,
so from their view point, there is a black line in front of them, and their floor has turned to sand and is falling down before their feet.
To the audience, behind me is all of antiquity, and the sands of oblivion demarks the line between antiquity and eternity.

Closer and closer, I am leading them to an instant where I slip over the edge. No bungie to save. The being of Gone.
The infinite of an instant. Pamplona, Spain, Running with the Bulls.

I continue to create abstracts from the stained glass work of Chihuly and Frabel.
The Murillo gaining more definition with each new abstract photo added.

I periodically walk out to the edge of the stairs