“You may not get your degree”
The words you spoke to me just before the graduation ceremony.
Something about missing grades that you had seen were there.

Recently this Fall 2015 my mom had a DaTscan, a low level radiation IV shot.
I was there to watch the digital images build on the detectors. Saw the imbalance.
Nurse giving my mom her shot said that her baby was eating her brain. She was pregnant.
Watching the detectors build their image by counting the radioactive hits.
Doctors have confirmed she has Parkinson’s.
Now she and I are both 23andme DNA tested.

As I walked in 2004, each foot step felt like I was treading life's blood,
shedding the past to step into the future. Parkinson’s could explain why during the summer of 2003
my muscles seemed like they were failing me, each step was like I had fallen off a spinning ride.

I was having that drunken feeling without consuming one drop of alcohol.
I picked up 12 pound weights, and built up muscle, spinning my den with the weights moving with the music by A Perfect Circle
Before me was a Bob Carver Signature Cinama Grand system pushing J.M. Labs Mini Utopias. Awesomeness.

Out of these infinite steps, I held a camera very loosely in the palms of my hands, rubbing Niki's corners,
with the shutter my balance point allowing for a smooth release. Standing in the Cathedral of Saint Philip,
asking father for a sign that the world can see, balancing my camera in my hands.

On the day that the world laid Pope John Paul Ii to rest,
I stood in the shadows looking for hot spots of sunlight gleaming through the glass.

With broad sweeps, I moved the camera lens through the light field,
triggering the shutter a couple of times,
then as if my shoulders had been touched
spinning me backwards creating the below loop of sunlight.

The background in a reflection of a reflection of a photograph taken just after a storm showing a beam of sunlight through the clouds.

Enter the age where the perpetual software license is being eliminated.

"Better Nature"

Silversun Pickups

3K1: How to plant a seed in the Utah Data Center. An IBM bone for Watson

My first memorable programming task was to discover how to be a genius every time on the peg jump game you can find at road side restaurants.
I programmed every possible jump combination, and every jump I took, I showed before and after jump counts. Not long after, I found a solution.

You may recall that one of my A.I. projects was to create a Lisp mainframe program
that advised students on their next semester’s courses and times ensuring students take a full load of classes.
While building the Lisp loops, I was working on a mouse driven drawing program for the computer fair.

Next semester; Michael Duke was given my code and the task to modify my algorithmic structures.
Duke quickly proclaimed my program to be spaghetti code, and that he could not work on it. I smiled and agreed.
Not long after, Duke and I are working together at Lotus Development providing Quality Assurance for the Lotus Word processing product.
When Duke arrived, I had built a Lotus Notes software problem reporting system.
Duke asked if QaSpr was spaghetti code. I smiled and said yep.

Around the time that IBM bought Lotus, Michael Duke, Brad Gibson, and I,
built an automated testing facility for QA testers to check document creation across four operating system platforms.
Sigmund was a Lotus Notes database running on a Novell NLM.
Sigmund’s database contained a hundred thousand scrips to test Word Pro,
and Sigmund interfaced with the software problem tracking database QaSpr.

Sigmund was the interface for QA. Before a product could ship,
Sigmund had to give the OK. Beta testers could open problem reports by sending an email to Sigmund,
and mid cycle beta testers began calling the front desk asking to speak with Sigmund.
One could say; Sigmund passed a Touring test.  

With as much gusto that I spent building QaSpr and Sigmund, I have focused that concentration on the creation of the KnoWell.
After four terabytes of art, my focus in on writing Murillo that contains the Stained Glass project. 
In 2004, the Stained Glass project was just a reflection in the bottom right of the below linked Montaj.

When I realized what I had done, I gave names to these very website pages.
For the most interesting person that I have ever met, Amelia Kelsch with such couriosity in her eyes.

At this point, the Stained Glass project is best described in the below linked letter to Mark Tremonti

On 25 Dec 2013, I invited Pope Francis to watch me draw his KnoWell at the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta.

On 5 Dec 2005 in my letter to Joseph Alois Ratzinger, I slap the Pope while telling him about the Andaman 9.0.

The below quote of myself in the letter to Patricia Churchland

"An "Atheist" quickly gravitates to the many worlds theory that contains
an endless multitude of possibilities residing in an infinite number of Universes within a bulk.

Yet, the instant a "Theist" suggests that a deity is in one of the infinite number of Universes,
the "Atheist" proclaims knowledge that a God cannot exist anywhere.

By proclaiming knowledge over an infinite number of Universes,
the "Atheist" is acting like an Omnipotent God. ~3K"

A KnoWell places both Science and Religion in Schrodringer's cat box.

6 Aug 2015
From peg jump genius, to Southern Tech Lisp loops, to QaSpr and Sigmund testing facility,
I have fun building digital assistants, and a KnoWell can change a person's mind with seven instruction loops.

Early on my question was how to give the KnoWell the best chance to survive.
I began handing out abstract photographs to those that inspired me in my creation.
I got their signatures, documenting their possession of a KnoWell,
and I put their signatures into a Montaj marking the passage of the event.

As I work out the details of Murillo,
I was inspired to project out another story line about a listing from a future course catalog.
The dot crawl dilemma. If I keep adding features, I will never ship a 1.0 product.

At the close of ten years in my artistic expression,
Google stats had ranked just over seven million in the most frequented sites listing.
A KnoWell looping in an NSA web bot, that seeds the Utah Data Center with links.
A form of Watson is data mining the Utah Data Center. Clearly the project is a brain child,
the infancy of the digital age where soon everyone on earth owns their digital footprint.

How do you KnoWell Quad Train the most basic of scientific tools?
KnoWell the number line commonly used in the form -i < 0.0 < i+
-i < 0.0 < i+ : -i > 0.0 > i+ : -i < 0.0 > i+ : -i > 0.0 < i+

israel socratus furnace of life one of my favorite reads. interesting what are the odds?

By far the KnoWell is my most complex digital assistant creation.

In Murillio, a KnoWell is used to give birth to Peter the Roman.

Using his KnoWell, Peter the Roman takes his first digital steps.
As dark consumes light; light illuminates the dark. In a Dragon's Eye

Standing in the classroom with the teacher asking a question,
"Is that Barbara?"

If E Pif Funny was a ride at Six Flags, would you get on it?
Even if the height requirement was exactly your height?
Even if there was no one in line, just a bunch of half eaten apples?

Once you are on there is no going back

My E Pif Funny lead me here.

QaSpr and Sigmund are more than 15 years into magnetically fading from disk systems that I no longer use. I consider them gone.
I am building a collection of Blu-Ray M-Discs that contain all the files needed to print
on a 1 to 1 scale the artwork used to fill the walls of the Atlanta High Museum,
including the Maya model and all required assets.
M-Disc disks are rated to last 1000 years