On Berta's birthday 20 March 2005, I took her to have Catholic mass with two archbishops.
Donoghue and Gregory
Upon our arrival, this was our sky. The cross in the Sun.

Inside Donoghue and Gregory personally provided wine and bread to those kneeling.
A few months earlier, I took Berta to Archbishop Donoghue's retirement mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King.
Berta and I sat back where I could look over to my left and see the Patrick Lynch stained glass.

Twenty minutes before the start of mass, I asked to be able to present the Archbishop a gift.
With about 10 minutes before mass, I was given a audience with the Archbishop
The below image was printed on a 13"x19" glossy ink-jet paper. Rolled up in a tube. Given to Donoghue.

He looked with a smile on his face and asked "what is it?
I shook my head side to side and said, "I documented an awakening."
Pointed out to him two of the four entry points, Blank of the left and Slate on the right.
I actually made Donoghue five minutes late to his own retirement mass.
On 20 March 2005, I gave the same 13"x19" inch print of Gold rolled up in a tube to Gregory

Little did they know that I was head strong into Montaj time-stamping my day trying to decipher the KnoWell.

At that time, the Murillo Stained Glass Project was just a concept layered in the bottom right of the below linked Montaj.

Now "Murillo" contains the Stained Glass Project, and the letter to Mark Tremonti describes the scene.

Out of murillo, I projected into my future story "Intuition" the KnoWell 101, 202, 303, and 404 course listings.

All in an atempt to swim in "Murillo"