Dave when speaking and brings forth a new thought in his mind,
his breathing becomes connected to his muscles that are tightening in his body,
the sound of air huffing through his nose is accompanied by a snickering smile that lasts for only seconds. Then Dave gets back to speaking.

The last snicker was while looking at the Avignon link, Dave was telling about the symmetry of the KnoWell, being hand drawn,
many of the opposing force indicators like the red 0 and C.
Dave snickered when he thought of making this video showing the red and blue 0’s and c’s fluctuate back and forth the 0’s synchronized with your breath,
and the c’s in sync with your heart. The KnoWell seems to be swimming though space.

To change the direction of the KnoWell’s swim, change the oscillation of the red 0 and blue 0 by altering your breath,
and continue to change the course of the KnoWell swim, alter the rate of the oscillation of the red c and the blue c.
The graphic shows the KnoWell doing a breast stroke through colors that shift into abstracts and emerge with a camera set to show the audience my point of view.
Each person has been shown how to swim through the moment, next comes an oscillating KnoWell navigating the edge of oblivion.