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Thank you..

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            Wow, thanks for sharing your work!  I love your concept that there cannot be nothing, or ‘zero’!
Thanks for sharing those fascinating links!
           For publication in the upcoming book, there will be copy editing of what you have shared by the publisher.
This was the process in my prior book (with the same publisher), and the copy editors were masterful at editing the text to make it clear to read,
yet accurately and comprehensively maintaining the content of the text.
Prior to publication, I will send you a copy of exactly what is to be published to confirm your approval.
I expect that we will need written permission from you to quote your experience.
            I am early in the process of writing the next book, so it will likely be some months before I get back to you on this. 
Thanks again for your willingness to share!
Best regards,
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Absolutely. Please do share my experience. I am honored. You can use my name if you like.

I have been trying to write a book myself. I keep getting side tracked.

For 26 years, I was at peace with my experience. On 16 Sept 2003, I began to look at the memory of my experience in reverse.
That night I stumbled into abstract photography.

Over the next year, I began to use my abstract photographs to write out my thoughts and questions.
In the Fall of 2004, my thoughts became organized into several Montaj creations trying to answer the question,
"How could I have been in a spirit state observing the physical world?"

The solution came to me when I was willing to look at Mathematics in a new light.
The current linear number system, -∞<0.0<∞+ , places 0.0 between a negative infinity and a positive infinity.
When I realized that "no thing" can be "nothing", I began to use a new number system, “ -c>∞<c+ ”.
I replaced 0.0 with infinity, and the negative bound is the speed of light and the positive bound in the speed of light.

Over the next few years, I refined my thoughts into an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton,
and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time. I call the equation the KnoWell.

The left side of the equation is particle energy that forms the past running away from the moment at the speed of light,
and the right side of the equation is wave energy that creates the future running towards the moment at the speed of light.
This model space shows how at each and every moment particle energy and wave energy are intertwined. I found my answer.
I could have been in a wave/spirit state observing the physical world.

I have written letters to many scientific minded individuals with my thoughts as to how to apply the equation to modern cosmology questions.
I suggest that particle energy is emerging from inner space, and that wave energy is collapsing from outer space.
That what is seen as the Big Bang is the condensation of wave energy into particle energy.
A friction, if you will, of outer space and inner space trading places.

I wrote to Courtney Brown asking for fifteen minutes of his time to test out my theory. I have yet to get a response.

Since art galleries want nothing to do with my work, I used a 3D modeling program to create the Atlanta High Museum.
I placed my art on the virtual walls, and I made a video of a virtual walk through of the High with my art on their walls.
The video shows the evolution of my art that I used to create my equation.

Over the past ten years, I have created nearly four terabytes of artwork documenting my quest for an answer,
my finding an answer, and my giving the answer away to those that inspired me in my creation.
Below is a link to one of the last walls in the virtual High Museum show.
It is a collection of signatures from various bands that have some of my artwork with a hand drawn KnoWell equation of the back of the print.
Click on the smaller images to enlarge.

I look forward to your book.

Thank you,

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Subject: Thanks and a Question
Dear David,
          Thanks for previously sharing your remarkable near death experience (NDE) with us at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (! 
Your experience that you shared with us is posted (anonymously) at:  David L NDE 3990.
          I am currently writing my second book about NDE, and I would love to quote portions of your NDE (anonymously) in the book.
If this is OK with you, and I hope that it is, please let me know.
If I quote portions of your experience in my second book I would be delighted to send you a complimentary hardcover copy of the book after its publication
(probably about a year away).
          Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!  I am sure that it has been an inspiration to a vast number of people.
Kindest regards,
Jeffrey Long, M.D.
Founder, Near Death Experience Research Foundation,
Author, New York Times bestselling Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences