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Bravo. Brilliant. Namaste.

In the Brian Cox video, “What is time?”, based on Grain theory,
you suggest that the smooth space time of Einstein’s General Relativity Continuum is actually bitty or granular.
In the same video, based on the theory of brane Worlds, Neil Turok says,
“ I think, time probably, has always been there, and always will be there.”

While Grain theory is clearly a very dynamic way to look at time, brane theory is nearly a static way to look at time.
To express this duality, orthodox theorists could use the General Relativity Space Time Continuum as the benchmark.
While Grain theory requires a fragmented continuum, brane theory works well with a smooth continuum.

Since Grain theory requires a serious modification to General Relativity,
a fundamental scientist will shy away from Grain theory and lean towards brane theory.
As you KnoWell, scientific discovery is a cumulative process,
and fragmenting the smooth space time continuum is a tall order to fill.
Like when Einstein derived his equations that explained the orbit of Mercury,
his method was to augment Newton’s equations for gravity, not replace them.
In much the same way, Grain theory must modify Einstein’s General Relativity.

"Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true." ~ Niels Bohr

One solution to the fragmentation problem could be resolved by finding the Higgs Boson.
Till then, maybe there is a way to fragment the space time continuum with a couple of branes.
However; to use nearly static branes to resolve the nearly dynamic Grains is counter intuitive.
Especially considering the multitude of observations that strongly suggest that gravity is warping the space time continuum in a direct relationship to mass.
To complicate the situation, we must keep in mind the theory of inflation to explain the uniformity in the background radiation,
the theory of dark matter to explain the missing mass, and the theory dark energy to explain the current acceleration in the expansion of the Universe.

As letters can be arranged into words, numbers can be arranged into equations.
In doing so, both words and equations gain meaning. From scientific peer reviews, equations gain meaning.
From these reviewed equations, new concepts can be abstracted that will change the course of human knowledge.
Since the language chosen by science to convey concepts is mathematics, any postulate must conform to the standard axioms of mathematics.
Using the most basic tool, -∞<0.0<∞+, the number line, below is a verbal abstraction that will ultimately combine the two infinities of the number line into one singular infinity.
This new axiom of mathematics, “ -c>∞<c+ ”, explains how to get Grains from branes.

Using the analogy of a number line, place “brane a”, alpha, on the negative side, and place “brane w”, omega, on the positive side.
As in Neil’s brane Worlds theory, collide the two branes. “brane a”, with a velocity of the speed of light, moves in a positive direction, c+,
and “brane w”, with a velocity of the speed of light, moves in a negative direction, c-.
Each brane traverses the number line to the 0.0 point where “brane a” collides with “brane w”.

Unlike Neil’s replenishing and bouncing of branes, “brane a” and “brane w” are continually passing through each other exchanging information.
The resultant is an infinitesimal creation of space that is reflected in time by a Grain that adheres to Einstein’s E=mc^2.
The Big Bang is a Steady State process that is induced by this constant collision of “brane a”, Dark Energy, and “brane w”, Dark Matter.

Using the analogy of time, “brane a” resides in a particle state that can be called the past, and “brane w” resides in a wave state that can be called the future.
The arrow of time is a dual function of the past’s particles that are derived from the future’s waves, and the future’s waves are the inversion of the past’s particles.
The so called “Now” occurs at the infinitesimal 0.0 point where the two branes collide producing Grains.
This process or “Rain” can be expressed by using Einstein’s General Relativity Continuum equations.
The "Rain" theory stands on top of Einstein’s shoulders suggesting that at the number line’s 0.0 point, all of time merges, only for an brief instant,
into one “Future-Present-Past” bundle of time. This miraculous combination of three time states can be described as the infinite one, the EinSof point.

The mechanics behind the collision of “brane a” with “brane w” rests in the duality between negative and positive.
An attraction., a magnetism, between Dark Energy’s strong force that is interchanging with Dark Matter‘s weak force.
The result is a Grain that is forever trapped between an extrusion outward from inner space, and a collapsing inward from outer space.
As “brane a”, exchanges places with “brane w”, the force of the collision causes friction that gives rise to all rotations in the Universe.
This harmonic relationship between “Brian a” and “brane w” is why the background radiation appears to be so uniform.

In this model, the motive force behind “brane a” is control, and the motive force behind “brane w” is chaos.
Control may take the form of quantum loops of gravity, and chaos may take the form of a Dirac sea of pre-particles.
Projecting through “brane a”, the transitional barrier could be the speed of light, and projecting through “brane w”, the outer barrier could be absolute zero.
Beyond “brane a”, would be the domain of perfect control, and beyond “brane w” would be pure chaos.
Thus “brane a” is a collection of standard model subatomic particles, and “brane w“ is a Dirac sea filled with pre-particles.

On a cosmic scale this effect can been observed around galaxies in the form of what current theories postulate is evidence of Dark Matter.
As emerging particles from the central black hole radiate symmetrical emission lines, chaotic waves are aligned into harmonics.
As more and more emerging particle’s radiate lines of symmetry, more and more chaotic waves stack up on top of each other creating compression zones.
These compression zones are evident in the star light bending around massive objects. The more massive the object, the more wave energy collapsing in from outer space.
Thus the more the star light bends. The compression of outer space trying to reach inner space, causes gravity to warp the space time continuum.
At the “Rain” precipitation threshold, “brane a”, in particle form, and “brane w” in wave form, interchange information resulting the creation of a Grain.

Gravity is a push caused by the collapse of outer space, and the friction between “brane a” and “brane w” is what causes each Grain to be formed.
As the new Grain particle radiates, the Universe continues to heat up from the current 3K.
This creation of Grains, that add more radiation to the Universe, is what causes the continued acceleration.
The counter balance to the acceleration is the collapse of outer space.
As outer space collapses, the light from distant stars is stretched causing the observed red shift making the Universe appear to be cooling.
The duality suggests that the Big Bang requires a Steady State system to exploit.

Welcome to the “Rain” paradox.

"Mathematics, -∞<0.0<∞+, has lead theorists to a BLeaf in a Big Bang.....
Using the mathematical axiom, -c>∞<c+, the Universe becomes a steady state system." ~ 3K

To be able to envision this new Universe view,
I present to you a quantum mirror built in the spirit of Hegel that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates,
to describe a moment of time. Below is a link to a video of me drawing what I call a KnoWell. Time is a Trapezoid..

Since few people will entertain conversations that questioned the validity of the big bang, I turned to expressing myself using abstract art.
Teachers always want their students to show their work. Below is a link to an image of how I derived the KnoWell equation. The original image is 4'x8'.

Below is a link to an image that shows how the KnoWell is extrapolated out of Newton's logic.

I have created 2.75 terabytes of images and art. Below is a link to the KnoWell expressed in set notation.

"N Sanity is a funny state, one never quite knows when they have arrived." ~ 3K

Brian Cox asks,“What time is it?”
“ I have no Earthly idea.” ~3K

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch