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I greatly appreciate the response. Very few people ever respond to my emails.

Is there a method to purchase an autographed copy of "Genesis of the Cosmos"?

Subquantum kinetics is exactly what I mean in my macro scaled statement, "The Emergence of the Universe is the Precipitation of Chaos through the Evaporation of Control."~3K

While searching your website for a method to purchase the "Genesis of the Cosmos" book, I found that the below weblink yields the error message, Error establishing a database connection.

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Dear David,

Thank you for your email.
I have to some extent explored the connections of this cosmology to ancient thought.
In my book Genesis of the Cosmos, I show how the the genesis of matter as predicted by the ether theory subquantum kinetics is conveyed symbolically in ancient Greek myth, as well as in creation myths from other cultures.

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Just read the article
Niskayuna man believes he solved mystery of the universe

Sitting in the top-floor study of his childhood Niskayuna home, Paul LaViolette puzzles over the deepest questions of the universe. Massive bound volumes of his doctoral thesis in general systems…

Are you familiar with the Greek philosopher Anaximander that lived around 650 BC?
Anaximander put forth a theory that reality is a product of Apeiron?

The common interpretation of Anaximander's position.

"Within this apeiron something arose to produce the opposites of hot and cold."

A translation of one of the only surviving fragments of Anaximander's book.

"Whence things have their origin,
Thence also their destruction happens,
As is the order of things;
For they execute the sentence upon one another
– The condemnation for the crime –
In conformity with the ordinance of Time."

Anaximander | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

In my research to explain my death experience, I created an equation that uses the logic of Lynch, the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the sayings of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite. I call the equation the KnoWell.

Nostradamus Century VIII Quatrain 38

From my understanding of the KnoWell,  I derived the following statement.

"The Emergence of the Universe is the Precipitation of Chaos through the Evaporation of Control."~3K

The KnoWell strongly suggests that the Universe is in a steady state. In my below letter to Fay Dowker, I explain how to apply the KnoWell to questions raised by modern cosmological observations.

Letter to Fay Dowker

In the Dowker letter, I suggest that the language of mathematics, -∞<0.0<∞+,  has lead brilliant minds deep down into black holes filled with rabbits, and has trapped great scientists in wormholes made of mirrors.

My solution is embedded in the KnoWell equation. For Science to adequately describe the universe, a new axiom of mathematics, “ -c>∞<c+ ”, is required. Science's greatest mistake is using 0.0

Recently I watched a YouTube video regarding how the one way measurement of the speed of light is impossible.  I totally agree with the creator of the video. In the below linked email, I explain the KnoWell in some detail including links to my emails to other scientists that have similar positions like Paul Steinhardt's colliding Universes.

Letter to Veritasium 2021.9.25

The structure of the KnoWell can be seen in the accepted model of the Big Bang.

KnoWellian Cosmos

The issues with the Big Bang are numerous, and the inflationary theory is just as problematic.

The KnoWell provides an alternative to the observation of the "Big Bang's" background radiation by suggesting the 3 degrees Kelvin is the result of friction between a string theory brane of total Control and a String theory brane of pure Chaos exchanging places.

Julian Barbour stated that Science needs to think outside the box. The below email is in response to his out of normal solution.

Letter to Julian Barbour, Katie Robertson, and David Sloan 24 Feb 2020

Below is a list of some of the emails that I sent.
Letters Sent to Those That Might Listen

In a few of my emails, I state that Atoms create space.
Letter to Itzhak Bars 30 Dec 2007

Thus the Universe is expanding, but not at the reckless rate that Science currently BLeaves, but more like the rate at which an atomic fingernail grows.

Best Wishes,
David Noel Lynch