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Subject: Since Christmas


For some reason, you jumped into my mind today.

In early 2004, we crossed paths while I was deeply involved in soul searching.
When we met, I was trying to resolve stories about my ancestors,
and my adventure took me to the steps of the Immaculate Conception Shrine.
I was drawn there to see the building that rests upon stones quarried and placed by my family.

After several Sunday masses we had a few shorts talks. In one of those talks,
I mentioned how I had a death experience and that abstract art was spilling out of my soul.
You were most kind to share your experience with me, and soon after, we ended up having a nice discussion in the rectory.

In the short time of our rectory talk, we touched many topics of discussion, and I pondered many questions upon you.
Also I mentioned that back in the late 1990s, I wrote a science fiction story that used some of my death experience memories.
Below is a link to that science fiction story.

Near the end of our talk, I showed you an abstract photograph that I had reflected like a ink blot.
You were slightly startled, and you said, "I see the Crucifixion".
Below is a link to that image.

On my return to my home, I was compelled to create my first complex Montaj.
I placed images and words on top of the abstract photo in which you saw the Crucifixion until I had a Revelation that totally blew my mind.
Below is a link to that Montaj.

Soon after I returned to deliver a framed peace of artwork for the Immaculate Conception Shrine. Below is a link to that peace.
I wonder where it is today?

Over the next few months, revelation after Revelation consumed my being. Montaj after Montaj. Month after month.
Then a moment with God revealed a truth. One that has forever altered the way that I see the world and my death experience.
Out of the Montaj of me asking question after question as to why me, an equation for a moment of time emerged.
Below is the Montaj that I used to derive the equation.

In November of 2004, I was having many strange electrical experiences happen around me.
I wanted to talk with you, but you were on leave. So I had a talk with Henry, and I told him about my situation.
I asked Henry, "If Christ were to arrive here today, how long would he have before the world took him out."
Henry just smiled as he thought. I said, "Fifteen minutes."
Henry thought about it, then I said, "Five minutes" Then Henry nodded his head.

I said, "In those five minutes, I bet Christ would do one thing. Henry asked, "What would that be?"
I said, "Christ would write down on a piece of paper. Jesus the Christ. Then he would scratch out the word the and replace it with a.
Leaving Jesus a Christ. So in those five minutes, Christ would raise everyone up to his level."

Also at that time, I gave Henry a Montaj that showed how I derived the equation for a moment of time.
Below is a link to a version of that Montaj.

Just before I left my talk with Henry I said, "If my writings are correct, something great is going to happen in December."
Henry said,"Lets hope it is something good."

As December rolled around. On 26 Dec 2004, the great quake struck killing 250K people.
The quake struck at 6:59 am half way around the Earth from Atlanta,
and due to the international date line the quake struck while it was still 25 Dec 2004 in Atlanta at 19 hours 59 minutes.
Just so happens that I was conceived in 1959.

What are the odds that a blood descendant of the family that quarried and laid the stones that the
Immaculate Conception Shrine rests upon would walk into that church, tell of his death experience,
deliver an equation for a moment of time, make a prediction of a great event, and that event would happen on
Christmas at the time that corresponds to the year of his conception? Hummm..

After realizing that the history of the moment may go unseen, I decided to enshrine the Montaj in another Montaj.
Then at the farewell mass for Archbishop Donohuge, I had delivered the Montaj to him in the confessional.
John took great interest in the peace and asked me, "What is it?" I said, "I documented an awakening."
Below is a link to that Montaj.

Knowing that the spirit was working in my life, I went to the Cathedral of Saint Philip on 8 Apr 2005.
The day that the world laid Pope John Paul II to rest.
I held my camera up to the sun light beaming through the stained glass window and asked,
" Father. Give me a sign that the world can see."
Then while swinging the camera and randomly clicking the shutter, I felt myself moved.
When I looked at the image, I nearly dropped my camera.
I had tied sunlight in a knot.
Below is a link to that image.

Knowing how the world may miss the image in my life time, I enshrined the image.
Below is a link to that Montaj named out of respect for the man that heard my prediction for Dec 2004.

All told the events of my life had to be what there were to lead me down the path to discovery.
My car wreck experience positioned me to ask the question, "How can the spirit interact with the physical."
That question lead me to the understand that the language of Science has blinded me to a truth.
That this is not a linear progression, but an infinite creation.

" Mathematics, -∞<0.0<∞+, has lead theorists to a BLeaf in a Big Bang.....
Using the mathematical axiom, -c>∞<c+, the Universe becomes a steady state system." ~ 3K

To be able to envision this new Universe view, I present to you a quantum mirror built in the spirit of Hegel that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates, to describe a moment of time.
Below is a link to a video of me drawing what I call a KnoWell.
Time is a Trapezoid..

My life's work is to deliver the KnoWell message. Below is a list of some of the people that have the equation.

Below is a list of many of the people that I have written letters trying to explain how to apply the KnoWell to their line of thinking.

Below is a letter that explains how the Big Bang theory can be explained as a Steady State system.
An Eternal System.

From my heart, I thank you for your words that pointed me in the right direction.
In the rectory you told me, "I bet your answer you are looking for is in the story that you wrote."

The last time that I saw you at Christmas mass, I gave you a gift of the reflection in which you saw the Crucifixion,
and on the back is a hand drawn KnoWell. I said, "You should show this to the Pope."

I meant it..

Below is my best recollection to date of my car wreck experience.

Best wishes,

On Sunday June 19th 1977 at 1:20 in the morning, as I lay unconscious in the back of a police car with my nose nearly torn from my face and bleeding from my right ear, I was being charged with seven crimes.

From leaving the roadway, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude police, DUI, to homicide by vehicle.

Heading down the straight away, looking in my mirror, the police office went straight through the stop sign where I had taken a left.
Hitting third gear down the straight away, the car was doing about 80 mph.

My friend could not find the place to buckle his seat belt, so I looked down to grab the connector so he could buckle up.
When I looked back up at the road, there was gravel in the middle of the road.

When the car hit the gravel at 80 mph, the car slide quickly to the left. We were now facing the trees.
Trying to counter steer, I looked a head and saw a drive way. Trying my best to lock the car up so that we could pull in to the drive way.

Thinking that we had made the drive way. That we were sitting in the dark. I said, "We made it." Looking around, all that I could see was dark. Pitch black. I asked my friend, "Where are you?" There was no response..

Suddenly, I am walking down the middle of the road towards an old lady. I was saying, "I am a mess. I am a mess. I am a mess." As I walked closer towards her, I reached up to feel my face that was tingling and warm. My finger went up inside my sinus.

At that moment, I started to walk away from myself. My vision was clear. My person, my body was moving away from me. I reached out and tried to grab myself. My hand swept through me as if there was nothing there.

I was about three feet behind myself when I watched my body falling to the street. For an instant, my vision was back from the perspective of my body. I saw the pavement in my face.

Back to the darkness, the pitch of black. Then as if looking down through the branches of a tree. There was an image fuzzy and dark. I thought, "What is that?" My friend answered, "I do not know, what is that?"

Focusing all my concentration. The images was distorted like the sunlight that shines on the bottom of a swimming pool. The dim fuzzy dark image was illuminated clear for only an instant by the brighter lines moving across the field of view.

I said to my friend, "That is my brothers car." I could see a police car to the left, a group of people behind the police car on the left, a ambulance to the right with a police car to the right of the ambulance.

My friend said, "That is us." At that moment, we both said, "We are dead."

As if in the snap of the fingers, the image was gone. Total darkness. A hint of fear. Then a voice up, in front, and to my right said, "Fear not. Do not be afraid." My uneasy feeling went away as I asked, "Who are you?"

The voice answered, "Just call me father." In the center of my being I heard, "Christ" Then before me there was images. Fuzzy and dark like the scene of the car below my friend and I.

But these images were all around me 360 degrees of vision in a circle that curved up and away like a bowl. I watched as a section of the image became brighter and clear. I could see myself at the age of two. Like a corridor of images stacked one in front of the other running away and up.

As the bright area like a flash light was moving from the center in front of me to the left, I watched as the corridors of images showed my life at three, four, five, six and so on till the bright area got to the three o'clock position to my right.

Then suddenly, I was standing in my mother's bedroom. The dog woke up and I said, "Hampton, it is OK." Then the voice up, in back, and to my right asked, "Is this not your mother." I said, "Yes"

Then my vision was turned to the right where I would see through my younger brother's door.
The voice asked, "Is this not your brother?" I said, "Yes"

Then in the blink of an eye, I was 12 miles away. Outside my older brother's apartment. Looking down through the concrete floor of the second story, and looking through the steel security door of his apartment, I could see my brother reaching out to open the apartment door. Beside him was a shadowy figure.

The voice up, behind me, and to the right said, "Is this not your other brother." Thinking that I could talk to the dog, and that my brother is awake, I started to say, "Charles. Get me out of this.. Charles. Get me out of this."

The voice again said in a monotone voice, "Is this not your other brother?" Again, I said, "Charles.
Get me out of this." Then the voice said in a fainter voice, "Is this not your other brother?"

I said, "Yes" Then again in the blink of an eye I was taken 15 miles away to my father's apartment.
Where I was hovering in the parking lot, looking through his apartment door, looking at him sitting on the couch reading the newspaper.

I was looking through the news paper at this face when I wondered where his wife was. I was told that she is in the bedroom. Then I was asked, "Is this not your father?" I said, "Yes"

In an instant, I was back in the darkness where I saw the 360 degree vision. The last one quarter was quickly scanned. Then I had a sense of front and back. There were voices in a murmur behind me. As if eight to ten people were all talking at once.

The voice up and to the right told me something then to look around behind me and to my right.
I saw an image of myself in a white robe. As if I were hanging on a hook that you would hang a coat.
My head bowed down, and with my right hand holding my left wrist as arms length resting on my belly.

As I turned forward, I could sense that the voice was gone. For when I saw a blueish white sesame seed in front of me, I wondered what is that. Up till that point, every time I wondered anything, the voice told me.

Yet this time as I looked at the blue sesame seed, there was not voice. I watched as the seed approached me or I approached the seed. There was a low pitch rumble was down the the frequency range. Then as the seed got closer or I got closer to the seed, the low pitch started to rise up in tone.

When the seed and I came together, light began to fill my eyes as if it was being poured in to my head from a pitcher. The low pitch sound had become a high pitch ringing as the light started to become clear.

A ching like that of a sword pulling from it sheath chilled my body as I became aware that there were people around me. A man kept asking me, "Why did you do it?"

I would respond, "What did I do?" Then my father angrily said, "Answer the officer." I responded, "What did I do?" My father said, "You know what you did." Then I looked down at my feet and saw that they were hand cuffed. Looking at my feet, I saw my brother Charles. I said," "Charles, Charles, what did I do."

Charles came to my right side and said, "You wrecked my car. Cline is dead." At that moment, from the crown of my head, a burning pins and needles feeling like when your arm falls asleep started to descend over the entire length of my body.

I lay on the stretcher hand cuffed hands and feet as my body tingled with the most excruciating pain that I have ever felt. Causing me to pass out.I woke up shortly in jail. Then again I woke up for good when a doctor at West Paces Ferry hospital was putting backs in my broken nose.

The doctor told me that they were going to keep my for observation. After he left, I stood up and walked around the corner to get my clothes. I pushed open the doors of the emergency room where my mother got her first look at me. The nurse was walking behind me telling me that I could not leave.

As my mom asked me, "Where are you going?" I said, "I am going home." She said, " You need to stay here." I said, "NO. I need to go home to make sure that I am not dead." My mother froze in her tracks as I walked out of the hospital.

Many weeks passed. My memories clearly confused me with the reality of my death experience. Trying to get back in to life, I went to a party. As I stood in the middle of the room. Leslie Harris saw me and ran over to give me a hug.

She said, "You do not know how good it is to see you." I said, "No you do not know how good it is to see you." She said, "I was out with your brother the night of your car wreck. We were getting ready to leave his apartment when he turned to me and said, something has happened."

I began to cry in the middle of the room as Leslie gave me a hug asking me what was wrong. I said, "It was not a dream.' She asked, "What was not a dream?" I said, "I was there. I tried talking to Charles. I died. It was not a dream."

At that moment, I became convinced that I truly died..