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To: DARYL J. BEM <djb5 at>
Cc: Melissa Burkley <melissa.burkley>
Sent: Wed, October 27, 2010 7:46:21 PM
Subject: An Equation for Psychic Phenomena

While scanning my Facebook wall, a posting scrolled up with a link to an article by Melissa Burkley regarding your research.
For a link to the article, click here.
In the above linked article Melissa says, "So although humans perceive time as linear,
it doesn't necessarily mean it is so. And as good scientists, we shouldn't let out preconceived beliefs and biases influence what we study,
even if these preconceived beliefs reflect our basic assumptions about how time and space work."
As you KnoWell a person's attitude can be, positive, ambivalent, conflicted, or negative,
and that researching the Psi Phenomena will create mostly negative attitudes from other scientists.  
The ideology that time is linear weighs heavily upon valid results.
Thus just by researching the Psi Phenomena the result is an immediate stigma applied to the validity of the experimentation.
What is needed to bridge the gap between the positive and negative is a looking glass that provides an ambivalently conflicted perspective. 
Ultimately the real problem with conveying new concepts is "Language".
Word choice is paramount. Since this topic of discussion is the linearity of time,
the language used to create the ambivalently conflicted perspective must be based in Mathematics.
First step towards a conflict, but not to upset, is to ask a simple question with a seemingly simple answer. 
"Since the Universe is made of atoms, what can be nothing?"  Most linear time minded people respond proudly,
"Nothing can be nothing." The next step in creating the conflict is by asking simple question that has a complex answer.
"Since no thing can be nothing, why is there a 0.0 on the Mathematical number line." Let the dance begin.  
Since the above 0.0 questions challenge the Mathematical language used to convey Scientific concepts,
eight times out of ten, the conflicted will retreat deep into the negative. One time out of ten,
the conversation will gently move the conflicted person into the ambivalent, and one time out of ten, the person will reach the positive.  
Many people ask, "If time is not linear, what is time?" I suggest that time is a Triangulum.
To see this graphically, replace the 0.0 on the number line with infinity.
Slope away from the moment in a particle state the past at a speed just under the speed of light,
and slope in towards the moment in a wave state the future at a speed just above the speed of light. 
If a person remains in an ambivalent or in a positive state, I present them with an equation that uses the energy of Einstein,
the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time.
Below is a link to a video of me drawing the equation that I call the KnoWell.
The current version of the KnoWell can be found at the below link.
A more detailed description of how to apply the structure of the KnoWell to modern cosmology can be found in the below link that is a letter to Fay Dowker.
Please note that in the letter to Fay Dowker, the reason for the Psi Phenomena is explained.
As the wave energy collapses, the particle energy radiates quantum loops of gravity that align the wave energy into super strings of symmetry..
The past is derived from the future, and the future is an inversion of the past.
This trapezoid of time explains how the past and future are bound and interact together.
Below is a link that gives a detailed description how to draw out the Trapezoid of time.
I am used to being labeled with a stigmata. On 19 Jun 1977,
I was involved in a serious automobile accident. Due to the injuries received in the wreck,
I had a Death Experience. Took me 26 years to hear the message delivered to me on that night,
so I fully expect no one to grasp how the KnoWell equation emerged.
Teachers always want their students to show there work. The below link is to a graphic that shows just how the KnoWell was derived.
Your thoughts are most welcome,
David Noel Lynch