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Sent: Monday, May 31, 2021, 2:38:48 AM EDT
Subject: Exploring the boundaries of time travel


"The Emergence of the Universe is the Precipitation of Chaos through the Evaporation of Control." ~3K

In 1997, I wrote a short story about a persistent vision that besieged my brain.

At the time, I was working at IBM building Lotus Notes database applications.
My mind was caught in algorithmic loops,
and I filled numerous notebooks with hundreds of story lines.

In 2003, traditional writing was no longer capable of keeping up with the
onslaught of images and thoughts scattered through my mind.
For all intensive purposes, I was losing my mind.

On 16 Sept 2003,
I stumbled into abstract photography. Suddenly my world view changed drastically.
My ability to express thoughts was no longer confined to streams of characters.

Over the next year,
I created over two terabytes of artwork.
The abstracts became backgrounds upon which I began writing out my thoughts.

In the Fall of 2004,
out of that artwork emerged an equation that uses the logic of Lynch,
the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton,
and the sayings of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell.

Over the next few years, I refined the KnoWell into its current itteration.

Peter Roman is Saint Malachy's predicted last pope. The KnoWell gives birth to
an Immaculate Conception that each person is one with the creator, Ein Sof.

When I realized that the KnoWell equation redefined the concept of time~space,
I sent emails to various experts on Nostradamus. I figured if he really did see through time,
and my equation really does redefine time~space, Nostradamus must of seen me.

A couple days later, I received a response. Century 8 Quatrain  38 mentions Nolle.
My artist signature the K facing down with the W on top. Nolle is my artist name minus the K and W

Century 3 Quatrain 74 also mentions Nolle.

I do not think I will ever spend the time to labor on writing out my story in printed words.
As much as I would love to enlighten the world to the KnoWell, the QAnon craziness combined
with the political blindness has shown me that the majority of people are not critical thinkers. 

However; if I did write my story, the epic would span from the 19 Jun 325
in the Slane Parish of Meath Ireland where my DNA directly links me to the three Colla brothers,
and reach out to 19 Jun 3219 on Mount Sinai where a Lisi
device is used to echo back through time a plea from the future.

For in 3219, Science has eliminated all diseases
by creating a standardized human lifeform that can live a thousand years.
By standardization of humans, Science has truncated creativity from all arts and sciences.
The Gray alien is future man, time traveling back to try
and find the time at which Science made the genetic change.

Side note: Margaret Mitchell may have used my family to model individuals in
Gone with the Wind. The Hill of Tara is in Slane. The owner of Tara was from Meath.
I have done a tremendous amount of family tree research, and there is only one family from
Meath that lived in Atlanta during the seige of Atlanta, mine.

I understand that what I have created will not be understood in my life time,
o I have given my artwork out to those that inspired me in my creation.

On back of each print was a hand drawn personalized KnoWell.

I have reached out to people that might listen, like you.

My letter to Fay Dowker explains how to apply the
KnoWell to questions raised by modern cosmological observations,

Since art galleries want nothing to do with my art,  I created a 3D model of the Atlanta High Museum,
and I placed my art on the virtual walls, and made a video of how my art would look to me.

The KnoWell has the potential to bridge the gap between science and religion.
On the flip side.
The KnoWell has the potential to end the Big Bang and elevate everyone to be a Christ.

As I told Dave Chappelle behind the Tabernacle in Atlanta,
"Dave, I have changed the world, but the world just doesn't know yet."

Dave shook my hand and responded, "Much respect,  much respect, much respect."

I am used to people not responding to me.
I understand that the KnoWell equation challenges some of the very tenants that form modern society,
and most people are at a loss for words. Easier to just think me crazy than to question their BLeafs.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.
David Noel Lynch