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Subject: RE: Equation for a Moment in Time
To: "Jeff Carreira" <jcarreira at>

You are most welcome, and I appreciate your kinds words.

It warms my heart to know that I have provided a moment of intrigue for Andrew and yourself.
I BLeave that I am on to something with the KnoWell, and I wish that the concept does not die with me.
So I reach out to those with open minds like you and Andrew.

Please pardon me for being long winded, but if you are up for a real shocker, read the snippet below.

In January of 2004, I traveled to Maui Hawaii to watch a sunrise atop Haleakala.

On my way back to Atlanta, I stopped in Las Vegas to take a few abstracts of the city.
While standing in front of the Bellagio taking abstracts of the fountain,
I turned to take a few abstracts of the Paris neon balloon across the street.
Twisting and turning my camera clicking off shots as fast as they could be stored on my Nikon D-100..

Little did I know that on my camera was an image that would intrigue me
so much that I would later be compelled to created three terabytes of abstract artwork.
The image that triggered my curiosity is at the below link.. I named the image, "The sails of time."

In February 2004, I awoke from a dream where I had seen the above linked abstract photos reflected like a Rorschach.

At the very moment that I reflected the image, I saw a heart. So I named the reflection KnoWell's Heart. I would show the image to my family and friends,
and I was amazed by the number of various things that people would see... To highlight the heart, I created the below peace.

The year 2004 was an incredibly exciting time for me. I created many abstract images, and I made numerous Montaj peaces.
Feeling that I was on to something with my KnoWell symbol, I reached out to Andrew by sending an email to you.

The years 2005 and 2006 roll by as my artwork becomes more and more specific. I kept creating and trying to get my equation out in front of people.
As 2007 began, the comet McNaught quickly became a great comet. I took my step daughter and her family to see it.

As a time stamp in my Montaj images, I had started to use my astronomy program to get planetary positions and paste them into my artwork.
So people would know when I created the peace...One of my creations had the, blackcreek6, reflection in it.

As I moved the planetary position around the Montaj, I crossed over the blackcreek6 reflection. Suddenly,
I could not BLeave what I was looking at. The image that originally taken of the Paris neon balloon
and named the sails of time mysteriously matched up with the planets positions at the time of comet McNaught.
Below is where I was artistically when I noticed the alignment.. The original peace is 50 inches wide.

I have since used over 30 dates and the various planetary positions. With each one of them being able to be aligned onto the blackcreek6 peace.
Below is an example of the positions of the planets on my birthday and a friend of mine on her birthday. It is a close up so you can see the lines of intersection.

A wider view is at the below link. So you can see the reflection..

Below is a collection of seven days. All layered on top of the same blackcreek6 reflection.

The dates may not make any sense until you place a chart of solar eclipse data on top of the reflection.

The solar eclipse chart is taken from NASA.

Please note that in 2017 and 2024 a set of solar eclipses are going to sweep across this great nation.
Making a giant X with the center being near Saint Louis.
Or most notably the New Madrid fault line... I integrated this image in the central peace around the KnoWell symbol.
Center top to the right of the word creation.... To the left of the word Mind..

Recently when the Foo Fighters were in Atlanta, I presented them with some artwork, and received their signatures.
One of the peaces that I presented to them was a blackcreek6 reflection with their birthday placed on top..

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is an incredible soul. Totally laid back..
I created the below Montaj and sent it to them via snail mail. It has their signatures, their birthdays, and their CDs...
Plus the signatures of the opening band. Oh yea, and a KnoWell.

On the flip side, I kind of freaked out Vicente Fox's wife Marta when she saw the picture
of my cousin Ernesto "Che" Guevara. I created the below peace documenting the gifts that I gave to Vicente.
His signature is now in my Bolivian diary book under the picture of Che.

Below is a listing of people that I have presented artwork to with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back..
Beside their name is a link to either what I gave them or something I created from their signatures..
I am documenting those that have a KnoWell.

I firmly BLeave that the KnoWell equation can either bridge the gap between
Science and Religion leading us to world peace, or it can be used to pile drive Religion into Science
creating an atomic like explosion melting down the world. As you KnoWell,
reality will most likely be somewhere in between the two extremes..

Again please pardon me for being so long winded. Maybe one day, I will be granted the composure
so that I may craft an article suitable for publication in your magazine.
Till then. I sit in bars, bounce my equation for time off various people and get a lot of, "Man what are you doing here..."

Thank you again, and best wishes,
David Noel Lynch

Jeff Carreira <jcarreira at> wrote:
Dear David,

Thank you for all the information. I did share your work with Andrew when you had first passed it on to me.
He was as intrigued as I am with your work. I am not working as much as Andrew's assistant in regards to these types of maters.
I will pass it along to the woman who would best be able to bring your work to his attention again.

thanks for keeping us informed and best to you on your work,


From: David Lynch [mailto:dnl1960 at]
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To: Jeff Carreira
Subject: Equation for a Moment in Time


Way back when, you said that you would forward an email of mine to Andrew.. I never heard from Andy..

Since then I have created many more images.... Trying to express the moment that has captured me. You may recall this image.

Over the past few years, I have given out hundreds, maybe a thousand images with a hand drawn KnoWell
on the back. Below is my latest version of the equation for a moment in time.

Below is a letter to John Hutchison that has a detailed description of what the equation says to me.

All this creativity stems for a death experience that I had in an auto accident back on June 19th 1977.
Below is a letter to my step daughter that has a description of the events that occurred back on June 19th 1977.

I would love to draw a KnoWell for Andy...