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To: swolter at <swolter at>
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018, 11:34:31 PM EDT
Subject: The Last Pope


Please pardon me for sending this email to your request for engagements address.

Just saw the commercial for for your upcoming show on Saint Malachy,
and I was compelled to reach out to you.
What if the birth of a concept is what brings down the Catholic church?
Say, and Immaculate Conception.
Bear with me, and I will present to you such a concept.

On 19 June 1977,
I was involved in a serious auto accident,
and due to my injuries received,
I was left with a persistent memory of being dead.

For 26 years, I was at peace with the memory of that night.
After a series of tremendously emotional events,
I began to look at the memory of my death experience in the reverse.
On 16 Sept 2003, I stumbled into abstract photography.
Over the next year, an equation emerged out of 2 terabytes of artwork.

The equation uses the energy of Einstein,
the force of Newton,
and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation, the KnoWell.
I figured, if I really did create an equation that tests redefines concept of time,
that Nostradamus must have seen me.
I reached out to experts,
and they sent back Nostradamus mentions Nolle.
Nostradamus Century VIII Quatrain 38

In the Avignon image,
the horizontal line across the middle is an I on its side.
There clearly is a large A, and a W on the top of the horizontal I.
Turn the W upside down and you have "I A M"
The name that the burning bush told Moses, "I am that I am"

Over the past decade and a half,
I have reached out to many people, and have had a multitude of responses.
I told Dave Chappelle, "I have changed the world, but the world does not know it."
Dave said, "You got that right."

I have sent letters to the current pope and his two predecessors.
Below are links to a couple of the letters.
Letter to Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Soon after I mailed the below letter to Ratzinger, he resigned.
Letter to Joseph Alois Ratzinger

The birth of Peter Roman at the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta Ga
on 19 June 2020 is detailed in the below letter to Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge.
Letter to Mark Tremonti, 11 Sept 2015

On the day the world lay Pope John Paul Ii to rest,
I held my camera up to the sunlight beaming through the stained glass
at the Cathedral of Saint Phillip in Atlanta.
I held the camera and asked, "Father.
Give me a sign that the world can see."
Below is a link to one of the images that I created at that moment.
Amy Miller Fay Gold

A doubting Thomas moment.
I tied sunlight into a knot.
Doubting Thomas BLeaves

Please pardon me for rambling on.
I have created an equation that redefines time and space,
strongly suggests that we live in a steady state universe not a big bang.
Below is a letter that explains how to apply the KnoWell to modern cosmology.
Using string theory to model a steady state universe.
Letter to Fay Dowker

A list of some that have a personalized hand drawn KnoWell.

Your thoughts are most welcome,
David Noel Lynch