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Wow! Thats impressive.

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Smith's Olde Bar Montaj

I had a blast capturing the show..
Below is the Montaj that I created from some of the images.
Thanks again,

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Smith's Olde Bar.
2012.4.16 Montaj?

On a June 19th at Flagler Beach Florida, I sat in the sand with a camera to image the Moon rise amidst the broken clouds.
My breaths with the waves till the tide pushed me up the beach to the stairs that lead me to a corner bar.

Looked like there was a party upstairs. The open air bar had a dance area full of smiling people. Really good times.
Searched out a seat with my eyes to the ocean, then "Should of been dead.", slapped my attention to my accident.

Yep, that's me. Should have been My death on this very same date June 19th. Synchronicity is circling around me. Wholly Shit.

"Everything just fell apart", invaded my mind with the April 1st 2003 break up of a 15 year relationship. She split.
"Crack my head, and broke my heart.", melded the differential between my accident and my relationship. Had 2 Happen.
All this artwork, the equation, the 26 years for me to hear the message given to me that Father's day June 19th 1977.

The bartender did not know, who sings this song. This was getting bad, I may not find out who sang the song.
Come on radio station, let me know the artist. This crowd is party loud. Suddenly static.... Shit..
Did they change the station... Aw.. Man... Then the radio station DJ says, "and that was Falls Apart by Hurt".
Hurt? Never heard of Hurt... Yet soon after I fell into Et Al, was held there by a ten ton brick.

How we end up alone. Bravo..

May I capture the Smith's Olde Bar show on 2012.4.16 with a Nikon D700?
No video. All no flash photography with a few abstract frames for backgrounds.
The lighting on the stage and artist looked really good at your last show..
I am just trying to have fun.. I never know what the Montaj will look like.

The grand Montaj experiment.


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We talked back in November of 2011 at Smith's Olde Bar.
I am the guy that made the virtual walk through video.

When Hurt performs at Smith's Olde Bar this Monday, I would like to create a Montaj of the show for the band.
Below is a link to a Montaj that I created for the band DL7. They did the music on my video.

Below is a link to an image with hot links to other band Montaj creation.

The lights at Smith's Olde Bar would yield some very nice shots of the band.
Please do let me know if I can bring my professional camera to photograph the Smith's Olde Bar show.

Thank you,