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Subject: Cult of Calculation


I just read the Jag Bhalla blog, and I agree with your position.
However; I have found the opposite to be true as well.
Science uses the language of Mathematics to strangulate theories.

For the past decade,
I have been working on an equation that uses the energy of Einstein,
the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time.
Called the KnoWell.

Over the years,
I have reached out to many individuals in the Scientific community.
For example: I emailed an explanation of my equation to Neil deGrasse Tyson,
and I received a response that included the following quote.

"Ideas are cheap.
Detailed predictions of unknown phenomena from those ideas is the real testing ground.
When you produce such a list of testable predictions I will be happy to comment on it."
-NDTyson Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 05:06:40 -0800 (PST)

The current Mathematical number system, -∞<0.0<∞+,
has lead Science down the path to a black hole, to a Big Bang, and to a white hole.
When observations do not add up Mathematically with the current theory,
Science invokes a new theory like inflation to explain the difference.

What if the problem is much more fundamental?
That the current Mathematical number system is the real problem.
That the current Mathematical number system with its infinite number of infinities
presents an endless number of possible solutions.
Thus no final solution..

While working on my equation for a moment of time, the Mathematical axiom, “ -c>∞<c+ ”, emerged.
I found a number system that contains a singular infinity captured between a negative speed of light and a positive speed of light.

The below linked letter to Fay Dowker explains how to apply
the new Mathematical axiom to answer some of the modern cosmological questions.

As the Scientific community continues to shun me for not adhering to their current Mathematical number system,
I reach out to those that may listen. Like the email that I sent to Courtney Brown at Emory University.
In that email, I asked for fifteen minutes of his time to present a method to test the many worlds theory.

I BLeave that the "many worlds" is an artifact of the current Mathematical number system,
and that my equation from which the new Mathematical axiom emerged can be used to test the many worlds theory.

If my equation holds to be true, the theory of evolution will transform in to a theory of emergence.
Life is emerging like ripples in sand being forged by the amplitude and frequency of liquid waves..

Again I agree with you, the group has much more influence on the force of nature than the individual gene.
What chance would a single gene have against the entire force of nature? Thus a grouping is required...

Yet a single gene can keep a group in check by altering the course of the group's thinking,
and that altering factor could be my equation.

Your thoughts are most welcome,
David Noel Lynch