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As I listen to the NASA live stream announcing the confirmation of 715 potential planets,
I came across the article "How did the universe begin? Hot Big Bang or slow thaw?"

"The natural conclusion of this model is a picture of a universe that evolved very slowly from an extremely cold state,
shrinking over extended periods of time instead of expanding," explains Prof. Wetterich.

Over the past ten years, I have been working on an equation that can be applied to your theoretical model space.
My equation uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation, the KnoWell.


The KnoWell equation postulates that the outer most reach of space is bound by pure Chaos,
and the KnoWell equation postulates that the inner most reach of space is bound by pure Control.
In the below linked Fay Dowker letter, the KnoWell is used to explain how Chaos is collapsing while Control is expanding.
The KnoWell suggests that the observations that are seen to be evidence of the Big Bang
are actually a by product of the exchange of Chaos and Control.

The KnoWell model space agrees with your theory that the universe began in a nearly frozen state.
The KnoWell strongly suggests that the exchange of Chaos and Control is slowly heating up
the Universe to the three degrees Kelvin that we observe today.

"The emergence of the Universe is the precipitation of chaos through the evaporation of control." ~3K

In the Fall of 2004, I worked out the details of the KnoWell equation in an artistic expression.


When I fully realized the implication of the KnoWell equation,
I was stunned by the concept that the collapse of Chaos/Outer-Space would lead to the expansion of Control/Inner-Space.
In response, I searched for evidence of other theories that suggested that mass is expanding.
Much to my surprise, I found a video of the expanding Earth.


Over the years, I have reached out to many people, and have had very little response.
In the below linked letter to  Rupert Sheldrake, I explain how the KnoWell equation emerged.

I KnoWell that my equation will not be fully vetted until Science embraces the Mathematical axiom, -c>∞<c+.
I hope that your theory does not require such a large leap in the BLeaf system of Science to gain acceptance.

Your thoughts are most welcome,
David Noel Lynch