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Subject: Dark Matter May Be Lurking at Heart of the Sun

Bravo. Excellent concept.
Logic stands to reason that what is thought to be dark matter must be interacting with the Sun. I truly hope that your neutrino research yields fruitful results. For if your theory holds water, my theory will take one more step towards becoming a truth.
In 2004, my world view shattered. The language of Mathematics became a prison. Zero point zero was the stickler. In an attempt to resolve the conflict, an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates emerged out of abstract art.  Below is a link to the logic used in the creation of the equation.

Over the next few years, the above multitude of thoughts were resolved down into the more defined version that I call the KnoWell.
The right side of the KnoWell suggests that a Dirac sea of chaotic pre-particles are in a state of collapse just above the speed of light from the far reaches of deep outer space. As these pre-particles encounter the outflow of dark energy radiating from objects like galaxies, the chaotic pre-particles begin to be aligned by strings into less chaotic pre-particles that finally reach a condensation point yielding dark matter.
The left side the KnoWell equation suggests that quantum looped particles are in a state of emergence at just below the speed of light. That these particles are extruding outward from inner space. As these outflow particles driven by dark energy encounter the inflow of dark matter, another condensation occurs where the dark matter particles are transformed into elementary particles like hydrogen.
"Mathematics, -∞<0.0<∞+, has lead theorists to a BLeaf in a Big Bang..... Using the mathematical axiom, -c>∞<c+, the Universe becomes a steady state system." ~ 3K

The KnoWell concept breaths new life into the Steady State theory. For a more detailed explanation of the KnoWell equation and how to apply the KnoWell to modern cosmology, please read the letter at the below link about the disappearance of time and colliding branes..
 Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch