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Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2016 5:46 PM
Subject: Emergent Gravity


The depth and breadth of your paper is outstanding.
I grasp many of your concepts, but lag far behind in the completeness of your mathematics.

In your paper "Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe", you state,

"in terms of a dual conformal field theory"
"entanglement entropy indeed obeys when the vacuum state is divided into two parts separated by a Killing horizon."

Several years ago, while I was struggling to explain a unique experience in my life,
I wrote a letter to Fay Dowker explaining how my equation relates to her position that space-time can be defined as a collection of Grains.
I put forth an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates.
I call the equation the KnoWell. Below is a link to my equation.

In my letter to Fay Dowker, I state,
"Since the language chosen by science to convey concepts is mathematics, any postulate must conform to the standard axioms of mathematics.
Using the most basic tool, -∞<0.0<∞+, the number line,
below is a verbal abstraction that will ultimately combine the two infinities of the number line into one singular infinity.
This new axiom of mathematics, “ -c>∞<c+ ”, explains how to get Grains from branes."

Using my new axiom of mathematics,
your Killing zone can be found in the state of infinity intertwined between the negative and positive speeds of light.
The two division of the vacuum state are explained in my letter to Fay Dowker as two string theory branes.
Below I reference Niels Bohr's replenishing brane theory.
"Unlike Neil’s replenishing and bouncing of branes, “brane a” and “brane w” are continually passing through each other exchanging information.
The resultant is an infinitesimal creation of space that is reflected in time by a Grain that adheres to Einstein’s E=mc^2.
The Big Bang is a Steady State process that is induced by this constant collision of “brane a”, Dark Energy, and “brane w”, Dark Matter."

In my letter to Petter Higgs, I mention,
"It is simple really. Outer space is collapsing causing gravity,
while Inner space is expanding causing magnetism.
With particles just under the speed of light, and waves just over the speed of light.
Thank you for your time."

In my letter to Michael Merrifield, I wrote,
"The emergence of the Universe is the precipitation of chaos through the evaporation of control." ~3K

My words carry very little weight in the scientific community because my mathematics trails far behind my concepts.
However using the new mathematical axiom, “ -c>∞<c+ ”,
my mind was set free to see the eleven dimensions of string theory without folding a single infinity.

Using the three quantum spin states at any instant of Up, Down, and Both,
combined with the structure of the KnoWell's requiring a Past, Present, Future component to any time-frame,
there are a total of nine dimensional quantum states at any given moment.
The tenth dimension is you the observer, and I am the eleventh dimension as the conveyor.

The Greek philosopher Anaximander put forth that everything comes from the Apeiron,
your Killing horizon, my oblivion.

Your thoughts are most welcome,
David Noel Lynch