Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 07:01:36 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Dreams Make Reality Happen
To: themakers at

Please pardon me for interrupting your busy day. Please bear with me.
A dear friend that watched your production suggested that I contact you.

Imagine for a instant, that you are just waking up from a massive stroke..
Your mind damaged beyond repair. Deep inside a vision grows. A memory like that of a dream.
Words fail when trying to describe the images that have flooded your mind.

A complex message so simple, that the combination to unlock time can be hidden in plain sight.
Rational and ego have held the truth at bay. Clearly you see the keys to the universe.
Yet you have no way to communicate the information.

As you try to convey the long time secrets, you mouth opens to reveal only drool.
The struggle to compose a sentence results in a hacking groan.
Language has become the barrier that keeps the keys to the universe locked inside your brain.

Like Frankenstein's monster trying to deliver a message of love and peace, your attempts to convey the solution echoes the room like that of a babe.
ga ga goo goo.. The answer is there, but society no longer speaks the language of infants. Thus we must concede the walls between us.

Maybe one day a specialist gives you an injection. For a moment you have the facilities to relay your message.
In your panic, the words you choose come across as egotistical. The people that hear you rather not BLeave than to even give you a good listen.

For in your words that you quickly uttered, there was a mistake, there was this relation that no one could relate.
Your sentence was short and complete, and the bulk of what was said fit right in with tradition.
It was the simple transposition of GOD is where you made the mistake.

What you said was, "On the name of GOD, I AM,
using the reason of Lynch, the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates, to describe a moment of time.
Use it as a LENS to see through the fabric time."

No matter how clearly you spoke. Everyone freak on the word GOD.
No one could ever have known that what you were seeing inside your brain was the missing piece to the puzzle.
For the words were not enough to convey the simple truth. The people that were listing did not have the equation.
I present to you the KnoWell.

How can this be? They had no idea what lead you to this creation.

N Sanity is a funny state. One never quite knows when they have arrived.
N Sanity is the burden of the listener. For the one that is speaking thinks that they KnoWell what they are trying to say.

Just call me Frankenstein's monster. I KnoWell that I have bridged the gap between Science and Religion.
Kind of like an atomic explosion. A total melt down of both camps of thought. Inner space is expanding while outer space is collapsing..
You are one with the creator.

As the injection wears off, you begin to fade back into oblivion.
The people that you told were too blinded by Newton and Jesus to give you a listen.
The keys remain hidden in plain sight.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch

This memo written while listening to, "The Stone" by ASHES dIVIDE