On 19 Jun 1977 at 12:00 midnight, I was an atheist, but by sunrise I was a theist.

Around 1:00 am I was involved in a serious auto accident that left me with the persistent memory of being dead.
Below is a link to my best written recollection.

On 16 Sept 2003, I stumbled into abstract photography.

Over the next year, I began writing my thoughts on reflections of the abstract photographs trying to answer the question,
"How could I have been in a spirit state observing the physical world?"

The result is an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time.
I call the equation the KnoWell.

Below is a link to me drawing a KnoWell.

Want to catch an Atheist in a Chinese finger trap, use the below logic.

An "Atheist" quickly gravitates to the multiverse theory
that contains an endless multitude of possibilities residing in an infinite number of Universes within a bulk.

Yet, the instant a "Theist" suggests that a deity is in one of the infinite number of Universes,
the "Atheist" proclaims knowledge that a God cannot exist anywhere.

By proclaiming knowledge over an infinite number of Universes, the "Atheist" is acting like an Omnipotent God. ~3K

David Noel Lynch