On September 14th 2003 at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater, the evening air was chilly but not quite cold.
A misty drizzle filled the air between the short bursts of rain.
A few claps of thunder would send the women running for cover.
The southern beauties were out in numbers proudly wearing their wet t-shirts, and they were Nipple Luscious.
Nights like that are what life is all about. The great hook up.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some like the women of that night, and others like the songs and the show of Kiss.
This was my first Kiss experience. I was ready for about anything, but I did not expect your solo to be some profoundly memorable.
In the middle of your solo my friend Deron Fish tapped me on the shoulder then held his cell phone up so that I could see the caller ID.
The name read my name David Lynch. I smiled and held up my phone and said it is not me…

Deron with a huge smile on his face said, “Look at the date.” As blood spattered down your face and the lights flickered with your rhythmic solo,
I read September 15th 2003. The call was from the future. Cell phones get their date from the system, so I know that Deron was not messing with me.
A moment that I will never forget as he answered the phone, “Hello, hello,,,,helllloooo…” No one was there.

Little did I know that two days later on September 16th 2003 that an abstract form of art would start to spill from my soul.
With your concert fresh in my memory, I started to paint music with my camera. Since then the world has become my palette.
I can create abstract photographs from just about anything. The weird thing is that people will tell me that they see things in the images.

Galleries tell me that my photography is unique, but they do not do photography.
So I figure that the only way for my work to survive is to give the images away.
On the back of some of the images there is a symbol that I call the KnoWell.
Using Socrates, Newton, and Einstein, I describe a moment. A moment that has me trapped.

Since September 16th 2003, I have created two terabytes of artwork.
I have used photoshop to tell my story. I have been lucky to get many signatures.
From those signatures, I have created more art. Kind of like a scrapbook from the digital age.

Last night from my ticket to your September 14th 2003 show I created a Montaj for you.
I would have made larger prints, but Belk advised me that you would not be accepting gifts.

As thanks for the many years of inspiration that you have given me,
I would be honored to give you any of my work. If you would like a larger print of anything, just drop me a note at DNL1960 at yahoo.com.
Hopefully my gift may, at least for one instant, inspire you. As it stands, the Montaj for you is my last.
I have spent three years and all my worth to create the two terabytes of artwork.

Included is a reflection of a photograph that I took of the Paris Casino Neon Balloon in Las Vegas.
People are seeing many things in that peace. If you would be so kind, please e-mail your impressions.

Thank you,
David Noel Lynch