From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
To: Ethan Siegel <startswithabang at>
Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2018, 1:15:07 PM EDT
Subject: KnoWell Equation Explains Dark Energy/Matter


Ever since I can remember, I have been captivated by space. 
My skill set is not refined enough to adiquatly describe my being.

In the "Ask Ethan When were dark matter and dark energy created?",
you artfully explain current theories revolving around the Big Bang.

Please take a moment. Try to suspend all Big Bang BLeaf. 
Ask yourself, "What if the Universe was actually in a steady state?"

Could the language of mathematics be leading science to draw conclusions?

In my letter to Fay Dowker, I suggest a new axiom for mathematics,
“ -c>∞<c+ ”,
that can be used to explain how the universe is in a steady state.
The model uses string's membranes to build an alternate explanation
as to how dark matter and dark energy are created.

has lead theorists to
a BLeaf in a Big Bang..... 
Using the mathematical axiom,
the Universe becomes
a steady state system." ~ 3K

My equation uses the energy of Einstien,
the force of Newton,
and the logic of Socrates
to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell.

Each instant has a past, present, and future component.
Applying the quantum spin states,
to the past(u,b,d),
and future(u,b,d),
results in nine states or dimensions.
U and I are two more, giving us the 11 dimentions
of string theory without folding infinity.

Your thoughts regarding the KnoWell equation are most welcome.

David Noel Lynch