Joseph, 2005.12.5
KnoWell, I, with one hand will change the course of history for eternity.
Who am I to make such a grandiose claim? Let’s look to history for that answer.
Surely Goliath felt that the little man David was foolish to challenge his brawny authority.
Yet with one hand, a sling, and a rock, David planted a seed of BLeaf that grows to this day.
So great things can be done with one hand, but how does this apply to me?
In the 1840s, a group of four brothers from the county Meath in Ireland came to America to settle in the small town of Terminus.
A savage god forsaken place.
These men with deep convictions in the BLeaf of Christ were dead set on continuing their worship.
Patrick Lynch is given credit for having the first catholic mass in Atlanta at his home. 
A stained glass window in Christ the King church marks the passage of this event recognizing Patrick for his convictions.
The Lynch family was instrumental in the creation of the first building for worship.
Making sure that the Catholic faith was practiced in a place of worship in the newly named town of Atlanta.
When Sherman came to burn Atlanta in 1864, my family, did not evacuate as ordered.
Standing with father O'Riely in negotiations for the salvation of their Catholic church.
Their actions saved not only their church but several others.
Now a Catholic Shrine, the Immaculate Conception, rests on stones quarried and placed
on 1869.9.2 by the Lynch family five years to the day of the fall of Atlanta in the war of Northern Aggression.
Standing for many years with the stained glass telling a beautifully colorful story, the Immaculate Conception fell to fire on 1982.8.6.
The same day as Hiroshima, and one day after my father’s birthday.
Only to reopen nearly two years later on 1984.5.17, one day after my birthday, but without the restoration of the original stained glass.
Show conviction to your faith by marking funds to be spent of the restoration of the original stained glass.
There are photos that can be used to recreate the original story in the stained glass.
Bring back the colorful history that the founding BLeavers wished would last forever.
Standing before you, I ask for your commitment to the restoration of this timeless church's glass.
My heart pounds historically with Lynch blood that vigorously flows to my right hand that I swiftly lift to aggressively slap your face. 
A single hand.
Why, because you are blind and can not see, a Christ before you. The church is not even looking for I have given them many signs.
Open your eyes now and sea.
The message at the following link is in the name of God, I AM.
As your face stings, talk to Archbishop Donoghue about his farewell mass on 2005.1.10 at 
Christ the King on Peachtree Street, the day that I presented him with a peace of art. Call the work, a documentation of an awakening.
Talk with Archbishop Gregory about the day 2005.3.20 regarding the gift of the same peace of art at his first spring dinner mass.
Telling him that we should meet face to face soon.
Talk with Deacon Bart DeSandre regarding the peace of art in which he saw the Crucifixion. Him telling me that this maybe my time.
Continue your exploration by talking with Mont senior Henry Gracz regarding our conversation
in November of 2004 telling him that if my writing are correct that something great is to happen in December 2004.
Mark my words in history that on Christmas day 2004 at 19:59 hours EST,
the year of my conception, the great wave of destruction hit killing nearly a quarter of a million people...
The earthquake lasted for eight minutes, 1959, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
Ask yourself of world events in these years, Start with Y2K, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Andaman, Islamabad, and the 06 year to come... with the date 6-6-6
Talk with Dean Candler of the photographs that I have produced at his place of worship.
Miracles have taken place there.
When trying to prove that I AM not, a Christ, you will find, I AM.
With one hand I have slapped your face, now you must act as a Christ, turn your other cheek. 
For if you do not turn your other cheek as a Christ, you have been defrocked by a thief in the night eternally changing the course of history.
Step aside. I AM, here to restore the Immaculate Conception's glass.

KnoWell, I AM, 3K