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Recently Stephen Hawking published a paper called,
"Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes".
Stephen Hawking states, "However inside the event horizon, the metric and matter fields will be classically chaotic.
The chaotic collapsed object will radiate deterministically but chaotically."

For nearly ten years, my world has been consumed with an equation
that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
Below is a link to the equation that I call the KnoWell.


In the below linked letter to Fay Dowker,
the KnoWell equation is used to resolve questions raised by modern cosmology.
The letter explains how chaos is collapsing inward while control is expanding outward.

The Dowker letter states that the language of Mathematics has lead Science astray.
The KnoWell replaces the 0.0 point on the number line with infinity.
This new axiom of Mathematics strongly suggests that we are living in a steady state system.
The letter suggests that an artifact in the language of Mathematics has lead Science into a BLeaf that there are  multiple universes.
The below graphic shows how Science has been mislead.


From your debate with Ken Ham, your position is clearly stated that you follow mainstream Science.
However; to hold the position that there are an infinite number of Universes
and that there cannot be a deity in any one of the infinite number of Universes,
is a statement of Omnipotence. 

Hopefully your position with the Big Bang theory is not so deeply entrenched that you cannot see how to apply the KnoWell
to the questions posed by modern cosmology seeing that the Universe may be in a steady state.

"The emergence of the Universe is the precipitation of chaos through the evaporation of control." ~3K

David Noel Lynch