From: "'David Lynch'" <dnl1960 at>
To: "ray Ozzie" <rozzie at>
Subject: Lotus Atlanta Notes 4.0
Date: Saturday, December 15, 2007 5:24:30 AM


Not sure that you would remember me. I worked in Atlanta at the Word Processing division.
I created a SPR system in Notes 2.0. As the features in Notes increased, so did the functionality of my SPR system.

When 4.0 was being creating, I was pounding on your DBLookup code pretty hard.
Our SPR system was linked to four machines that would run test scripts for the engineers on various operating systems.
The work horse was a NLM Notes server that was crunching out 4.6 million transactions per month. We were cooking with gas...

Over the past few years, I have been in a self imposed think tank.
With the same vigor that I created the QaSPR system at Lotus Atlanta, I have created a data structure that I call the KnoWell.
I use Socrates, Newton, and Einstein to describe a moment in time. Below is the KnoWell in its current logic flow form.

Below is the KnoWell when I was first deriving its foundation in reason.
Using planetary, astrological, and crop circles to express points.

Below is the KnoWell representing a base 9 zero less computing system.

At Lotus Atlanta, when I first suggested that I could use Lotus Notes 2.0 as a SPR system,
Siad Mohammedan said that Notes could not be used for such an application.
With the same confidence that I had with Notes 2.0 to track faults, I have in the KnoWell that it represents an equation for a moment in time.

In my self imposed think tank, I have stumbled onto what I BLeave to be a key to the universe.
Below I try and explain my logic to the physicists John Hutchison. His response, "thank you this could be..." Key words, this could be...

Einstein waited four years before science actually took mc^2 seriously. If that is an indicator how long I may have to wait,
my life time will have expired long before science recognizes that the KnoWell splits the photon into particle and wave.

So I have been giving out abstract photographs to hundreds maybe a thousand people with a hand drawn KnoWell in various versions on the back.
Below is a small list of people that have the KnoWell.

In five minutes, I can draw you a KnoWell that will challenge your perception of time.
Most people tell me that they will never see the world the same. Some people get angry and tell me that I am doing the devil's work...

Science laughs at me while religion wants me dead.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch