David, 2006.9.9

Emerging from the crowd just after the Three Doors Down concert at Stoned Mountain Park Georgia
on July 25th 2003, I looked to my friend Deron Fish and said, “I think I see, I think I see.” Deron with a smile on his face asked, “What do you see?”

Lacking the words to express my impressions, I said, “I am over the edge.”
Deron laughed and asked, “Do I need to put you on a bungee?” With a grin from ear to ear, I said, “Maybe.”

Later that night after a long discussion with Ricky and Deron, I left for home arriving with the sunrise.
Unable to sleep I decided to write, and to try and document the situation.

As a Computer Scientist, I applied the technique of systems analysis to evaluate my experience.
I wrote about the day, the place, the people, the bands, and my thoughts.
While writing about my thoughts, I kept repeating the phrase, “Shed the bias of the past.”

At the concert while standing center stage at the musical sweet spot,
I was repeating to my self, shed, shed, shed. Suddenly the lyrics of Brad Arnold’s “Pocket full of Kryptonite” were no longer external to my being.
The music moved inside my head. The loud music was felt more than heard.

Looking to the sky, a weightless feeling overcame me, and the world became alive.
As if, the future and past merged into one, I was touching the moment like never before.
This single event marked the beginning of my current adventure.

Using the shed the bias of the past philosophy, on September 16th 2003, an abstract form of photography began to spill out of my soul.
Give me a camera and a couple of seconds, and the world becomes my palette.

Ironically, having your name became a detriment.
Unwilling to infringe upon your name as an artist, I decided to call my work the Art of KnoWell.
Since; I know well, how to create the photographic images. The library of images is now over 30,000.

Bound by my horrible hand writing, I needed a quick and simple signature.
By drawing a W, and then the K under the W, the KnoWell signature was born.
Turning the KnoWell signature 90 degrees counter clockwise results in 3K. KnoWell, I am, 3K.

Driven by my scientific nature, in November of 2004 using Socrates and Newton, the KnoWell signature became a logic flow symbol that represents the moment.
A year later in November 2005, I added Einstein to the logic flow.

Drawing a KnoWell takes about five minutes.
Depending on the person watching me draw, they may say wow that is cool, or a select few have asked questions about the structure, the placement of phrases, etc.
One conversation lasted over five hours.

The most difficult concept for people to grasp is, “I know nothing.”
Using the example of a cerebral stroke that everything that you knew is gone.
The world around you would be a new experience. Let the past go.
The more past you set free, the more future you can grasp.

After looking at the foundation’s website, clearly transcendental meditation is a better example to use in my explanation to people.
I would like to travel to your foundation to make a presentation of the KnoWell symbol to
whoever may find interest in a symbol that describes the moment in a logic flow diagram.

The base of the KnoWell is Socrates, “All that I know is that I know nothing.”
Knowledge, “all that I know”, and ignorance, “I know nothing”, becomes equal powers.
A quantum leap is needed for a hard core scientist to accept ignorance to be equal with knowledge.
Big bangers say something came from nothing. Hum, sounds like a miracle.

The scientific process demands testability. This requirement confines science to the passage of history.
Programmed by BLeaf in the biblical texts that Christ is to come, Messiah based religions confine themselves to the future.
In the present moment, the future creates space for the past events to exist. The only real change is our perception.

Newton said, “Every action has and equal and opposite reaction”
Birth requires death, but I contend that actions are not equal and opposite. Life gets in the way.
Antiquity at the speed of light and eternity at the speed of light collide together at the moment like two cars hitting head on.
This force melts our physical being into energy creating our visions and dreams.
We are a candle stretching from inner to outer space.

The meditator Nostradamus may have seen me.
In December 2005, I sent out an email to several Nostradamus researchers asking if there was any reference to KnoWell in the quatrains.
In a matter of days, I received a reference to Century VIII quatrain 38.

The King of Blois to reign in Avignon,
Once again the people bloody.
He will cause to bathe by the walls in the Rhone
Up to five the last one near “Nolle.”

On July 25th 2006, three years to the date of my epiphany at Stone Mountain Park,
the Art of KnoWell standing two terabytes in size came to the end of the creation phase.
Like one of your movies. My life has become a long string of coin incidences.
Soon my efforts will be directed towards writing a book that I will call, “A Pair of Dimes.”

One of the last chapters will be called, “Wynn Las Vegas.”
On 7.7.7, July 7th 2007, I walk into the Bellagio holding two nickels.
Placing the two nickels on the counter, I tell the person that this is a pair, a dime. “KnoWell, I, am here for the casino.”

C-U There,
David Noel Lynch