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thankyou.Pretty deep stuff! It will take me some time to think about.
mike disney

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On a science channel show, you state that computer models can be tweaked to produce whatever results are desired. The pink elephant example.

Being a computer scientist, I can easily say that you are absolutely correct. A computer model cannot create anything outside the bounds set up by the programmer.

You also mentioned that thinking that we know the answer is a limitation in our logical process. Socrates said it best "All that I know is that I know nothing..."

No matter what language we use to try and express our observations, the actual events N time are always far greater than the words, formulas, and programs. Our minds perceive a fraction of reality. We are incapable of grasping the true moment.

For example. the word Christ has a different meaning to just about everyone. Some people do not even know the word, but the religious people would automatically associate the man Jesus to the word Christ. Since I call Christ a man, they would stop listening to me.

The Pope says to expect Christ's return at any moment. But if a man showed up at his door saying that he is Christ, within seconds the Pope would say that you are not Jesus..... Totally discounting that the man said he was a Christ,,, not Jesus... We hear what we want to. What is comfortable...

So if a man came up to the big bang scientific world and said that the big bang never happened, scientist would pull a pope and turn a blind eye.... Thinking that they know why the background radiation is around 3K. Spouting off dark matter, dark energy, all in an effort to rationalize a theory that they cannot set up an experiment to prove.

Religion shows us how problematic it is to think that we know. Just because we think that we see this, it does not mean that we really do.... A magician can tell you how to fool a person's perception.

For my magic act, on July 7th 2007, that is 7.7.7, I will walk into the Bellagio in Las Vegas and bet them two nickels.. A pair, a dime, that KnoWell, I, Split the Photon.

I will draw a KnoWell as I check into the Bellagio, and ask for their best magician and smartest scientist to try and debunk my discovery.

The KnoWell is a differential equation that proves Newton wrong. That action can not equal reaction. If Newton was correct then the universe would be at rest. Birth requires immediate death. No room for life to evolve.

Since the scientific world is just as polarized as the religious world, the KnoWell is a radical as a Christ knocking on the pope's door announcing the end of religion.

The odds of anyone understand me in my life time is near null, except maybe someone like you.. Below I show my work in a graphic layout as a work flow of perception.

Below is where I began in my logic.

In my universe, an antiquitious photon is emerging from inner space as an eternal photon is collapsing from outer space. Like a twin rotor helicopter, antiquity emerges clockwise as eternity collapses anti clockwise.

The collision leaves an atomic trail that produces the 3K radiation as a byproduct.  The moment is the thing that stays the same, only our perception changes. No need to find the missing mass of the big bang. Cus, it did not happen.

Thus the past and future are bound together as they both wick away from the moment.. All this is preordained. When I am done with my expression for life, zero will no longer be on the number line. Zero does not exist in this universe.

Mathematics must remove zero from their calculations for it to have any chance at expressing what is truly going on here...

-1 is greater than zero, and +1 is greater than zero....  The past is greater than zero and the future is greater than zero.

So if you are up for a road trip, I will see you at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on 2007.7.7....  Bring two nickels. Bet the Bellagio that KnoWell, I, Split the Photon.

On 2008.8.8, I will knock on the pope's door...... with my two photons in hand.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch
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