Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 04:33:33 -0800 (PST)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: An Equation for Time?
To: "Peter Lynds" <peterlynds at>
CC: "John Wheeler" <matrhorn at Princeton.EDU>, "Kirstin Thompson" <kirithompson at>, "The Makers" <themakers at>



My grand applause is for your efforts. Wrestling with the Big Bang is, "A Laughing Matter."
As you KnoWell, questioning the findings of Science can leave one's thoughts scattered.
For those that think they know tend to attack those that question what is thought to be known.

While standing on the shoulders of giants, one can easily see the solutions to problems that have yet to be conceived.
To bring these thoughts down to reality, one must speak with words that are known. Thus to reach out into new fields, language becomes the barrier..

What if Science has made a simple mistake? A mistake that is so minute that no one cares to even notice.
So for years, data has been interpreted to be fact, because no one has had the words with strength enough to raise the needed questions.
The mistake is the use of zero, 0.0.. But how do you question nothing?

Then what if someone comes along, and throws a concept into the mix that leaves people wondering.
For example: Some one like you with your position on time. Maybe. Just maybe, someone like me will stumble onto an equation.
A diagram. A tool. A concept with the needed strength to raise the proper questions. Actually strong enough to split the photon.

Fundamental science, laughs. While matter quakes.

Today, 2008.3.7, I present to you an equation that uses the reason of Lynch, the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates,
to describe a moment of time. I call it the KnoWell. A new style LENS to see through the fabric of space. Exposing time to be nothing.

At the top center is the word Ein Sof. The infinite one. From what I understand of your concepts regarding time, your mindset is at the Ein Sof point. The
moment. Where everything that ever was combines with everything that ever can be. True infinity.

You broke the mold when you stopped seeing time as a liner progression.
Taking your thoughts one more step, maybe you can see that my equation proves Hoyle's steady state.
To see that fact, one must look at my equation as a Triangulum of time. More like Hegel's solution.
At the instant of creation, that happens at each and every moment, your concept holds true. Making the moment infinite and time nothing.

To help those absorb the meaning of a KnoWell, I have created a video that shows me drawing the equation.
Notice that on the left side is the particle, alpha, and one the right side is the wave, omega.

Thus inner space is bubbling out clockwise in quantum loops of gravity, and outer space is collapsing in counter clockwise through super strings of symmetry.
Here is the, Big Leap. "The red shift of the planets is due to the collapse of outer space."
In turn, the expansion of the universe is due to the creation of particles in response to the collapse of outer space. The Higgs Boson is never made.

Only at the Ein Sof point is the moment of energy relational to the mass of an object times the speed of light squared.
T(+l+w+h)c^2. On the Past side, energy is contained in particles, P(+l+w+h)c. On the Future side, energy is contained in waves, F(-l-w-h)c.

I wish I could have asked Einstein what he thought of this equation for energy.

Clearly the past and future are bound together in this relation. The past is a derivative of the future, and the future is the inverse of the past.
Outside of this past-future relationship is the moment, and that is the point that forever remains the same.
Where where time can never change. Thus your work describes this threshold to creation.

In my life, I do not expect Science to understand. They are blinded by their BLeaf in Newton.
That gravity is a pull. Some law of attraction thing. The KnoWell clearly shows that gravity is a push caused by the collapse of outer space.
Thus Science will keep their zero in place blinding themselves with the biblical Genesis rewritten into the big bang.

What possessed me to created such an equation? Give the below link a read. Tell me what you BLeave.

Together we can make a difference. You have a piece of the puzzle, a new look at the second law of thermodynamics,
that few care to BLeave. I have a puzzle, a new look at Newton's third law of motion, that most people thin they can shoot into pieces....

Standing on the shoulders of giants, it is east to get a nose bleed.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch