From: "'David Lynch'" <dnl1960 at>
To: "Martin Luther King" <mking at>
Subject: Frabel Studios
Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008 8:25:55 PM


Over the past few weeks, I have tried several times to contact Johnny Mac to set up an appointment to met with you.
My requests have gone unanswered. Feels like a date gone wrong.

As a child growing up in the 1960s, the words of your father's dream echoed in my brain.
Specifically, that he foresaw that one day children of slaves and children of slave owners will play together.
Since you are just a few days older than my brother Charles, I could not help to think that your father was referring to you and I.
However; since I am not a descendant of a slave owner, the statement never quite fit me.

A little bit of Lynch family history. My great great great grand father James Lynch was not a slave owner.
He worked the rail road then opened a general supply store.. On the other hand, James' brother Patrick did own a slave.
Patrick was a 300 pound man, and his slave was a personal assistant and his best friend.

In the story that I am writing called, "Terminus", in 1850 a rift develops between James and Patrick as they argue the moral issue of slave ownership.
Patrick deeply embedded in the financial gains turns a blind eye to the moral crime. Basically, I am echoing the reason that our nation was split.
What caused the rift between the Lynch brothers was that an American Indian came to warn James that a great war was coming to this nation.
I fictionalize the warning using a series of solar eclipses that come together on the Alabama and Georgia line.
Below is a link to NASA.

When Sherman came to burn Atlanta,
Patrick and James stood their ground and protected their homes and helped to negotiate the salvation of several churches.
I found a book at the Atlanta history center that tells how Patrick's slave, a free man, was putting out the fires set to the Lynch homes
as a union soldier pointed a rifle at the slave and told him to stop.
The slave responded to the union soldier, "You will not shoot me as long as my master is here."
I wonder was the slave asking the soldier to shoot Patrick, or was the slave really a family friend.

My family over the years has fragmented. Broken along religious lines.
For example, my father is a pure scientist, no faith remains in his soul. Yet my mother is very spiritual to this day.
For me, I was heading down the path of science till I had a bad car wreck on June 19th 1977.
Before that day, I was like my father. After that incident, there is no one that can tell me that there is not something after this life.
Below is a link to a letter that I wrote to my step daughter marking the 30th anniversary of my wreck.

The events of 1977 have inspired me to create over 2.75 terabytes of artwork.
The artwork is a digital diary telling how I have stumbled into an equation that uses
the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time. I call the equation the KnoWell.
Below is a link to a video of me drawing a KnoWell.

As I move forward, I am writing a book about my life called, "A Pair of Dimes."
The closing chapter will tell of an Indian that comes to deliver a warning that a great war is coming to this nation.
In 2017 an eclipse comes out of Oregon passes through Saint Louis then heads off the Carolina and Georgia coast.
A few years later, an eclipse comes out of Mexico passes through Saint Louis and heads off the coast of Maine.
The two eclipses create a giant X on the heart of America. Just so happens that the New Madrid fault line passes through this area.
Below is a link to NASA.

In my life, I watched great men stand up only to be shot down.
Your father's words that a man should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin is what the world needs now.
If the people of the world embraced your father's words, there would have been no way
that the United States people could have been suckered into this terrorist war between christian and Muslim ideologies by our government.
For we are all the same. Even the trees share DNA with us.

In my final story, "Intuition", I position technology as the savior, religion all but dead.
Placing the DNA strand under the scientific scalpel our species comes to an end game decision.
Science under the disguise that they have a cure to all illness convinces the population that a genetic change must be made.
Thus the gray creatures that people see as space aliens are nothing more that our future selves traversing time trying to find the point that our thinking went astray.
Be our final genocide a genetic mistake, or be the last straw global warming, until humans start acting more humane, we are destine to fail the simple test of life..
We are here to love.

Your father fell victim to the tall poppy syndrome. He stood up and was taken out.
Thus I decided that if I was to make a difference in this world, I needed a way to deliver my message so that it is not seen as a threat. I choose art as the medium.
Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I should have stood up and placed my head in the cross hairs. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.
None the less, I have done the imposable. Only problem is that there are few that will understand me in my lifetime.
If I can reach just one, then I have made my difference.

Maybe when you find time, we can sit down as friends to brain storm a while.
I am a man that tries to say what I mean and do what I say. Integrity is job one.
If you wish not to meet with me, I can mail you an abstract print with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back.
Just let me know. If not, I treid.

Side note: I hope that Barack can turn this ship around before we sink.
The war mongering days have lead us to the brink of global destruction.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch