From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
To: Larry Silverberg <lmsilver at>
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 3:16:12 AM EDT
Subject: Clutching at Straws.


Hope you and yours are doing well.

The musical group Marillion made a great album,
Clutching at Straws. Head music.

Out of curiosity, how has you infinitum, fragments of energy,
position been received by the scientific community?

There is an interesting article about
an unexpected discovery in the quantum world.

I keep clutching at straws like the below linked article
that describes a Universe in a state of condensation.
The universe as a quantum gravity condensate

The Universe being a condensate is exactly
what I described in my Dowker email.

During my adventures of trying to get the KnoWell out into the world,
I have encountered many different viewpoints
I can tell a lot about a person by their response to my explanation.

For example: while explaining Penn Jillette's KnoWell to him,
I would show him Socrates,
he would abruptly say,
"Got it." As I showed him the Newton section,

he would say, "Got it.", and Socrates sections,
Penn would say the same, "Got it."

I could tell he really did not get it,
so I stopped explaining his KnoWell to him leaving

the Hagel, thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis,
and Schrodinger up, down both, explanations out.

As you KnoWell,
I have reached out to scientists that have
theories that complement mine.

I wish I could find the correct words to explain
to the scientists that support GFT condensate cosmology
that for the Universe to be a condensate,
there must be an Evaporation and a Precipitation.

Thus the Chaos brane and Control brane
are required to produce the condensate.

Years ago,
Neil deGrasse Tyson responded to one of my emails.
Neil responded, "Ideas are cheap.

Detailed predictions of unknown phenomena
from those ideas is the real testing ground.
When you produce such a list of testable predictions
I will be happy to comment on it."

I felt like responding,
"To predict an unknown phenomena, would take a miracle."

In essence Neil's response told me that
he does not grasp the concepts of the KnoWell.

The entire right side of the KnoWell is outside the grasp of science.
Since the scientific method requires an experiment to collect data,
and because science cannot collect data from the future, by definition,
science is confined to studying events that have
passed the instant of a moment.

From collected data,
an inference from an extrapolation of the
data can project a probable future,

but science cannot predict the exact future.
Just like Schrodinger's cat, there is a lot of unknown.

As for predictions, the KnoWell predicts that
GFT Condensate Cosmology is correct,

and the KnoWell predicts that your
Fragments of Energy is correct.

Since science cannot create experiments to test
Big Bang and Evolution,

both concepts will forever be confined to theory.

Sadly, like magic and religion,
when cosmological observations do
not match Big Bang mathematics,

science suspends all known physical laws to inflate
the mathematics to match the observations.

I wonder,
can Fragments of Energy be found
emerging from plank hearts.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings,