From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
Kok-Wei Bong <k.bong at>
Sent: Thursday, July 8, 2021, 11:23:43 PM EDT
Subject: god probably does play dice with the universe.


Please pardon me for interrupting.

Over the years I have reached out to those that might listen.

I could send you a barage of links to emails that I have sent to various scientific minds.
However; with all the ransomeware attacks, I doubt anyone would open my links.

The article,
"A strong no-go theorem on the Wigner’s friend paradox",
there are some interesting points.

If I may, what if the language spoken by Wigner and his associates is the problem?

That language being mathematics.

To resolve the anomalies created by the language of mathematics,
a new axiom is needed to eliminate many of the issues with Schrodinger's cat.

This new axiom of mathematics, “ -c>∞<c+ ”,
provides a solution to the problems created by the current axiom, -∞<0.0<∞+,
thus Science's greatest mistake is 0.0

Since web links are now land mines,
I have attached a couple images that show how the language of mathematics has lead brilliant minds astray.

The below image shows how the
multi~verse/many~worlds theories are a mathematical anomaly.

Below is an graphic that shows how Newton's equation is inadequate to express the universe.

Below is an equation that uses the logic of Lynch,
the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton,
and the sayings of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell.

So until science adopts my new axiom of mathematics,
science will forever find rabbit holes.

I KnoWell, that my equation explains that the universe is in a steady state,
and that the observations attributed to the big bang are actually
the remnants of a chaos brane exchanging place with a control brane.

Thus: "The Emergence of the Universe is the Precipitation of Chaos through the Evaporation of Control."~3K

David Noel Lynch