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Subject: S2E1 "Life After Death"

My mom says that I am a lot to absorb, and the below email in just that...

In the "Life After Death" episode of "Through the Wormhole" Dr. Bruce Greyson was interviewed.
I am one of the participants in the University of Virginia study on Near Death Experiences, and I hounded him for your email address.

On 19 June 1977, I was involved in a serious auto accident that left me with a memory of being dead.
Below is a link to my most detailed description of the unforgettable event.

For 26 years, I was at peace with the events of that Father's Day morning in June of 1977,
then a long series of Coin Incidences lead me to look at the experience in the reverse.
I had to explain to myself how I could have been in a spirit state observing the physical world.
My scientific mind gave way to my spiritual self. Suddenly on 16 Sept 2003, I snapped.
That night abstract photography began to spill out of my very being. My world had melted..

In March of 2004,
I awoke from a dream after I saw one of my abstract photographs of the neon balloon in front of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas
reflected like a Rorschach.

Family and friends began to see things, both good and bad, in the above reflection.
So I took the reflection to the Immaculate Conception Shrine, the oldest church in Atlanta.
Deacon Bart DeSandre was aware that the Immaculate Conception Shrine rests of stones quarried and placed by the Lynch family,
and when Sherman came to burn Atlanta, Patrick Lynch helped Father O'Rilley to negotiate the salvation of the church.
My blood lived the real Gone With the Wind in the heart of Atlanta.

I told Bart about my death experience, and showed him the reflection.
Bart slipped back in his chair and said that he sees the crucifixion. I said, "We are getting close to Easter and that is just what is on your mind."
Bart leaned forward and pointed out where he saw the crucifixion in the reflection.
A passion was ignited, and suddenly I began to use the reflection as a background for my thoughts.
Trying to create a resurrection.

Endlessly. Night after night. My world was consumed with the creation of what I call Montaj.
Like a flood gate of thought had been opened, and I was trying to find the shut off valve.
Every place I looked, I found more Coin Incidences. On the day after my father's birthday,
the Immaculate Conception Shrine burned on 6 Aug 1982,
and on the day after my birthday the Immaculate Conception Shrine reopens on 17 May 1984.
The Montaj of expressions became my salvation. I was writing my life's story in Montaj.

Over the summer of 2004, I found a strong sense of purpose.
I began building a library of abstract photographs.
One of my favorite memories stems from the creation of abstracts from the glass works of Dale Chihuly.

For twenty years, I worked as a computer scientist. Building databases in Lotus Notes.
In October of 2004, the Chihuly images would become the foundation for a series of reflections that I began to reflect.
These four way reflections became my workspace as my Scientific mind began to wrestle with my Spiritual memory.

By the middle of November, I had my answers. Yet I had a message that I could not deliver,
so I went back to the Immaculate Conception Shrine. I spoke with Monsignor Henry Gracz.
I told him of my family, the church's foundation stones, and my death experience.
Then I gave Henry a Montaj that to me had bridged the gap between Science and Religion.

I asked Henry, "How will you know when a Christ has arrived?" He just looked at me.
I asked, "If a Christ showed up at your door today, how long would he have before the world took him out?"
Henry leaned back looking up to the painting above the fireplace. I said, "Fifteen minutes?"
Henry shook his head in the negative, and I said, "Five minutes?" Henry nodded his head in the affirmative.
I said, "In those five minutes, I bet Christ would do one thing. He would write down,
"Jesus the Christ" the scratch out the "the" and write down an "a" leaving "Jesus a Christ"
Thus elevating everyone to his level, and there would be no desire to kill him."

In parting, I said, "If my writings are correct, something great is to happen in December."
Henry said, "Lets hope it is something good." I nodded my head in the affirmative.
On 26 Dec 2004, the great quake struck causing the Tsunami that killed a quarter million people.
The quake struck at 6:59 am half way around the Earth from Atlanta.
So taking account for the International Date Line, the quake struck at 19 hours 59 minutes EST on 25 Dec 2004.
The year of my conception is 1959. So I enshrined the Montaj.
Keep in mind that the backgrounds for these Montaj images are abstract photographs reflected then the reflection is reflected.
Yet they seem to flow together.

On 8 Apr 2005, the day that the world lay Pope John Paul II to rest,
I stood in the Cathedral of Saint Philip in Atlanta.
I held my camera up to the sunlight beaming through the stained glass.
I began to swing the camera and said, "Father. Give me a sign that the world can see."
On the second click of the shutter, I felt myself physically moved,
and when I looked at the image, I nearly dropped my camera. I had tied Sunlight into a knot.

Over the years 2006 and 2007, an equation emerged out of the abstract.
The equation uses, the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time.
I call the equation the KnoWell.
and the KnoWell in rare Earth magnets

Burdened with a message dependent upon a person's ability to perceive Coin Incidences,
I began to give out as many prints that I could. Targeting people that have inspired me in my creation.
Leaving me with a Montaj digital diary of the people that have touched my life.
In turn, I gave them an abstract print with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back.

When I showed Vicnete a picture of my cousin Ernesto "Che" Guevara,
Vicente signed directly under the picture of Che, and said, "He looks just like you...".
Below is a Montaj created from Vicente Fox's signature.

Driven by a strong sense of self confidence, I have reached out to both Science and Religion.
Even though most efforts go without acknowledgment,
I have keep reaching out for that one person that will grasp the ramifications of the KnoWell equation.
Maybe that person is Morgan Freeman.
Morgan may like the letter that I wrote to Fay Dowker that expresses how to use the KnoWell equation to explain the Universe.
The Dowker letter is a strong case for Steady State...

As you KnoWell, quantum theory allows for anything to happen. Everything is just a probability of occurrence.
In the below letter to Raphael Bousso, the KnoWell and a trapezoid of time are used as tools to collar Schrödinger's cat.
Science is so sure that the cat is alive and dead, but no one knows if the cat has escaped the box.

Trying to give the KnoWell a chance to survive the ravage of time is a most difficult proposition.
Currently there are over a thousand hand drawn KnoWells in this world,
but the most permanent KnoWell rests in Oakland Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Atlanta.
Below is the KnoWell etched in Georgia Granite.

Trying to give my abstract artwork a chance to survive is near imposable.
Hundreds if not a thousand abstract prints with hand drawn KnoWells on the back are in circulation,
and there are several Blu-Ray dvds with a virtual walk through of the Atlanta High Museum with my artwork on their walls.

In the walk through, there is signature wall. Click on the smaller images to enlarge them.

In the walk through, there is the KnoWell wall. Click on the smaller images to enlarge them.

The KnoWell has great potential to redefine the way that Science and Religion look at each other.
, if the reverberations do not kill us, the KnoWell can bridge the gap between Science and Religion.
Even Nostradamus mentioned Nolle in Century VIii quatrain 38.

Food for thought. Season 7 episode 7, "The KnoWell."
Like a whirlpool, once you are in, you cannot get out....

I would be honored to send Morgan Freeman one of my abstract photographs with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back.
Just for smiles. He can choose any of the abstracts that I created from Hans Godo Frabel glass.

Is there an address that I can mail an abstract print with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back to Morgan?

Best wishes,