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Sent: Friday, September 7, 2007 5:01 AM
Subject: Socrates, Newton, and Einstein define a moment n time.


In five minutes,
I can draw you an equation using the principals of Socrates, Newton, and Einstein
to describe a moment in time that you leave you will a life time of questions.

Each of the web links below takes you to an artistic expression, a graphic. No heavy reading..

Below is a link to the equation that I call the KnoWell.

In the beginning back in 2004, my logic began with a question.

Suddenly, I found a Lynchpin in my logic.

Then I crashed into a brick wall of understanding..

Finally I encapsulated my theory is a structure for posterity.

I am writing three books to put my discovery in layman's terms. The complexity of my work deals with BLeaf systems.
If my work pans out, I will bridge the gap between Science and Religion. KaBoom... Can you say famous?

Consider for a moment that the big bang did not happen.. Come on, humor me.
The KnoWell augments Newton and Einstein in an equation that states wave energy is condensing into particles
thus expanding the universe while leaving a 3K trail of atoms in the moments wake.
Alpha, a, and Omega, w.

Give me five minutes. I KnoWell that your life's quest will be forever changed.

It may take until the year 3219 before my equation is understood.
Currently Science is Newton blind just as religion is Jesus blind.
A Christ could be knocking on the pope's door and he would open it looking for Jesus.
Missing the Christ Peter Roman before his face.
While looking for the big bang, you will miss, the KnoWell.

Gravity is a push, not a pull..
Outer space is a collection of sub atomic particles that are collapsing inward through super string structures.
As outer space's subatomic particles condense, quantum loops of gravity extrude matter in exchange.
The particle that is created expands space pushing against the collapse of outer space.
Inner space is bubbling out as outer space is collapsing in.
Ying, Yang.
Suggesting that the Earth would be expanding.
Humm, is it?

N Sanity is a funny state, one never quite knows when they arrived there.
Most important, N Sanity is the burden of the listener, for the speaker thinks that they KnoWell what they are talking about.
Kind of like Frankenstein.
Sacry at first.

People tell me that it is imposable to tie sunlight in a knot. Yet, I did it.

Met with me. Look me in the face. KnoWell that I have cracked time. I will build you a computer that does not use zero.