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Dear Dr David Lynch,

Thank you for your mail and the interest.

The gravitational collapse is an intriguing phenomena, especially when
viewed from the perspective of the gravitation theory. While in Newtonian gravity,
it is the density or mass that plays the major role in determining the gravitational
interaction, in Einstein gravity the spacetime curvatures play a major role. The
event horizons may or may not form necessarily as the mass densities grow
during the progress of collapse. Many intriguing features than result as we discuss
in the article.

The connections and implications for the possible quantum gravity formulations
are most puzzling and exciting. That is a road very much under travel, and thank you
for your interesting comments and the possibilities you indicated. The connections
to condensed matter systems and statistical physics are certainly not ruled out.

With best regards,

Pankaj S. Joshi

David Lynch wrote:
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Subject: A Naked Singularity


Please pardon my interruption into your busy day.

Your article in Scientific American regarding naked singularities opens many doors to a new way to look at the concept of a black hole.

In making one of your points,
you mention that Einstein's equations for gravity suggests that there is a component that produces a reverse force to the direction of gravity.
You called that effect a sheering.

Using Newton's third law. Postulate for a moment that the sheering is the action, and that gravity is the reaction.
The sheering action could be caused by quantum loops of gravity that are extruding outward from inner space,
and the reaction could be due to super strings of symmetry that are collapsing inward from outer space.
Thus particles are in a state of expansion / emission while waves are in a state of contraction / absorption.

Under this concept, outer space would appear to be cooling while inner space would appear to be warming.
In this mind set, we are in a Hoyle's steady state universe.
With gravity as a push due to the collapse of outer space, the light coming from distant stars would be stretched over distance.
Thus causing the appearance of the red shifting of star light.
The red shift would be an indicator of distance not the speed of retreat.

This perplexing concept could explain why most all stars seems to be moving away from us as if a big bang occurred.,
and would explain the symmetry in the distribution of the background radiation.
Think in terms of Lorentz's ether filling outer space,
and there is no need for inflation to explain away the observed symmetrical anomaly in the background radiation.

To better express my position, I have created an equation.
In the spirit of Hagel, using the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates,
below is a link to a video of me drawing what I call a KnoWell.
The KnoWell defines a moment of time as the infinite one.


The KnoWell equation opens the door for time travel to use quantum tunnels opened by oscillating super strings of symmetry upon quantum loops of gravity..
No longer does one need infinite amounts of energy to transgress time.

Mathematics is a beautiful language with one glaring mistake. "0.0"
Think about it, one "1" trying to define nothing is truly NSane. Since we all live in a constant change of state,
I vote that science gives zero, 0.0, the boot. Remove zero from all equations.
The icing on the KnoWell cake would be to replace 0.0 on the number line with infinity.
Thus on 2012.12.21 at 11:11 UT we can usher in a new epoch... one without nothing.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch