Congratulations regarding your election to the position of Presiding Bishop for the Episcopal Church on June 18th 2006.
In a distant way, we are bound by the history of that date. By coin incidence on June 18th in 1955 my father and mother were married.

Another similarity in our lives is that as a child my desire was to graduate college with a degree in Oceanography like you did in 1977.
My dreams collapsed when fate struck on June 19th 1977. I was involved in a serious auto accident that almost took my life.

Physically I fully recovered from the injuries that I received in the accident, but mentally I was burdened with a memory that people find hard to BLeave.
I died. In November of this year when you take the helm of the Episcopal churches across America, you may find yourself in the same position as me.
This letter may burden you with something that you cannot forget nor explain.

Today is five years to the date that America was shocked with a memory that they will never forget.
The resulting polarization of our nation has turned Christianity into Christ N Sanity.

On August 20th 2006 at the Free Chapel in Gainesville Georgia,
I lay witness to John Hagee as he mixed gospel with the current events of the day clearly trying to gain support for the Bush administration’s war on terror.
In my book, Hagee is a warmonger. Hagee put salt in the ancient wound of Abraham, trying to stir up the emotions of genocide.

Reading your words I find sound reason. I applaud you in your efforts to bring people together in respecting our differences.
Now is the time when people need to Know Christ Well. Christ would never form an army. Christ taught us to love our enemy.
Christ would be the first to kneel to the Muslims sword. Hagee has forgotten how to embrace the teaching of Christ.

As a member of the diocese in Atlanta Georgia at the Cathedral of Saint Philip, in November 2006 you will become a representative for me.
Today, this historic day for all eternity, I formally ask you to investigate the miracles in my life.
Dean Candler of the Cathedral of Saint Philip personally told me that the photographs that I have taken there are a miracle.

Included with this letter are two photographs. One image is of the face of Christ in the stained glass with streaks of sunlight streaming and bouncing off his face.
The second image is of sunlight trapped in the stained glass that is tied in a knot.
On back of that image you will find a truth that is called a KnoWell. I use Socrates, Newton, and Einstein, to define a moment.

Looking metaphorically at the sunlight tied in a knot; apply the story of doubting Thomas.
The circle is the hole that Thomas placed his finger inside, and extending out of the hole is a vesica loop that looks like the Christian fish symbol.
Mr. Perry that works at the Cathedral of Saint Philip watched me make the images. Please investigate my claims of the miracle at Saint Philip.

David Noel Lynch