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When you are in Atlanta,
I would like to leave a gift of artwork for each of the band members performing the show.
Would you be so kind to confirm the band members that will be performing in Atlanta, Ga?
I currently have Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosley, and Steve Hogarth
as the current members. If there are other band members performing that night,
please let me know.

Over the years, I have given many gifts to those that inspired me in my creation.
However; my methodology has been a kind of hit or miss.
I would wait behind the venues hoping to cross paths with a band member or the tour manager.
Marillion is a special case,
and I write this email in an effort to ensure that I have the best chance possible
getting my gift to the band members..

The music of Marillion, especially Marbles,
was instrumental in the formation of my abstract artwork. At the time of the release of Marbles,
I was in the beginning of an artistic expression, and by the end of 2004
I had created over two terabytes of abstract artwork.
I ended 2004 with the Montaj that I call Gold.

The above linked "Gold" Montaj
lead me to the creation of an equation that uses
the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and to logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell. The below Montaj has personalized KnoWell for Peter Roman of Saint Malachy fame.

Nostradamus Century VIII Quatrain 38

The KnoWell helps me come to terms with a serious automobile accident that I had on 19 Jun 1977.
Due to the injuries received in that incident, I was left with a persistent memory of being dead.
The KnoWell equation explains to me how I was in a spirit state observing the physical world.
Below is my best written recollection of my death experience. .

Since trying to explain my equation and death is more than can be accomplished in a couple of minute talk,
I began giving artwork out to those that inspired me in my creation.
On the back of each abstract photograph I hand drew a personalized KnoWell.

As a time stamp, I used the ticket stub to create a Montaj marking the passage of the event.
I would ask the band members to sign another one of my abstract photographs.
I would scan the signatures, and layer them on the ticket stub Montaj creating band signature pieces.
Below is link to some of the bands that have my artwork.

I would be honored to create a band signature Montaj for Marillion.
I need not meet the band,
I just need to know how I can get one of my abstract photographs to the band for them to sign.
Like the Montaj that I created for the band "10 Years" on the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

I have gone to more art galleries than I can remember,
and I have had more rejection than I care to remember.
I used Maya to create a 3D model of the Atlanta High Museum,
I placed my artwork on the virtual walls,
and I made a video of how my art would look to me on the walls of the Atlanta High Museum.
The music in the below linked video was created by
my friend that was the one that introduced me to the music of Marillion.


I have reached out to several bands
asking if they would submit a 45 minutes set list
for a project that I would bring to life a painting that was lost in a fire at the oldest church in Atlanta
that rests on stone quarried and placed by my family.

Only Alter Bridge responded with Brian Marshall saying that he would get back with me,
but that was almost 2 years ago.
The below link details how I would give birth to the concept of Peter Roman as I bring the Immaculate Conception painting
lost in the fire back to life in the church named the Immaculate Conception.


Oh by the way. I found out that Che Guevara is my cousin.

Vicente and Marta Fox Carter Center Gifts 2007.11.12

Please do let me know how I can get the gift of my artwork to the band members,
and if they would be willing to sign one of my abstract photographs for the creation of a band signature Montaj.

Best Wishes,
David Noel Lynch