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I am the guy that showed you some artwork on my cell phone.



I appreciate you directing me to your assistant. I will not pitch you an idea for a movie, I will not sell you anything, but I sure could use a Twinkie.
On 19 jun 1977, I was involved in a serious auto accident that left me with a profound memory of being dead.

For twenty six years, I was at peace with the memory of that night, but in July of 2003 while standing at a Three Doors Down concert,
for the first time in fifteen years I took a few hits of Cannabis that forever changed my world view.
Over the next few months, Cannabis and I were as one.

On 16 Sept 2003 while having a moment laying on my floor, I asked my son in law to take a picture of me.
I was looking at the memory of my death experience in the reverse.
When I picked up the camera, the shutter went off as the camera passed through a rope light leaving a blur of color.

My son in law said that it looked cool, and asked me how I did it. I showed him a couple of times then told him to take my picture,
that I was having a moment. Later when I looked at the images, I was possessed to create more abstracts photographs.
Over the next couple of months, I created 9,000 abstract photographs until I broke the camera's mirror lift lever.
Below are some of my early creations using a rope light and a light bright.

Over the first few months of 2004, I developed my skills, and created thousands of more abstract photographs.
My abilities grew to the point that I can create an abstract from just about any target.
I went to Las Vegas, and created abstracts from subjects like the Bellagio fountain and the Paris Casino's neon balloon.



In March of 2004, I awoke from a dream where I saw one of my abstract photographs reflected like a Rorschach.
I went to my computer and created my first reflection.


During the summer of 2004, the Atlanta Botanical gardens had a display of Dale Chihuly glass.
Day after day, I created thousands more abstracts. Below is a collection of abstracts created from Dale Chihuly glass.


During the fall of 2004, I began using abstract photographs reflected, then the reflection reflected as backgrounds.
I would indulge in hydroponic cannabis, and I would write my thoughts out on the abstracts.


As more of my scientific self merged into my artistic expression,
I began working out the details of how I could have been in a spirit state observing the physical world. In November of 2004,
I created an artistic expression that explained my death experience to me.


Over the next few years, I focused endless amounts of energy to refine my thoughts into a form that others could understand.
What emerged was an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell.


After going to more gallereis than I can remember, and having more rejection than I care to remember,
I began giving my artwork out to those that inspired me in my creation.
I would wait at concert venues, and I would give abstract photos to band members with a personalized hard drawn KnoWell on the back.
I would get the band's signatures on another abstact photograph, and I would create a Montaj time stamping the event.


Over the years, I have given out many gifts to those that inspired my creation.
In the fall of 2010 I was sitting at a Salvador Dali exhibit at the Atlanta High museum.
I realized that I had enough artwork to cover the walls,
so I created a 3D model of the Atlanta High Museum and placed my artwork on their walls.
I used the model to create a video of how my art would look on their walls.
I took the video down to the High Museum,
and I told them that they really should have a show of my work while I am alive and can sign them.
low rez version

One of the walls in the High Museum shows the artwork used the derive the KnoWell equation.
Click on the smaller images to enlarge.


One of the walls shows a collecton of Montaj images created from some of the bands that have my artwork.
Click on the smaller images to enlarge.


Below is a list of some of the people that have my work.

Below is a link to a description of my meeting with Dave Chapplle this past summer.

I would be honored to be able to send you one of my abstracts with a personalized hand drawn KnoWell on the back.
Below is a collection of abstracts printed for my art show at the Hans Godo Frabel studio and gallery.


Please pick one of the images, or select any other image, and let me know where to mail it.
I am just trying to give the KnoWell a chance to survive.
The KnoWell has changed the world, but the world just does not know it yet..

Below is a couple of links to the Frabel show flier.



The KnoWell equation has potential repercussions that could be felt for years.
Below is a letter to Fay Dowker that explains how to apply the KnoWell to modern cosmology strongly suggesting that the Big Bang is incorrect,
and that we live in a Steady State Universe.

I fully embrace the fact that the KnoWell equation most likely will not be embraced in my lifetime,
so I placed a grave marker in my family's plot at the oldest cemetery in Atlanta. In block 107, section 1, grave 10 in Oakland Cemetery,
you will find my grave marker. The link is named stoned, because if it were not for Cannabis, my artwork would not be here.


I am a sixth generation Atlantan. My family came from Slane in the county Meath Ireland to Marthasville in the middle 1840s.
In the late 1840s, Marthasville was named Atlanta. My family lived through the civil war in the city limits of Atlanta.
Below is an image of how my great great great grand father's store looked when Sherman came to town.


The oldest church in Atlanta, the Immaculate conception Shrine, rests on stones quarried and placed by my family.
If you read gone With the Wind, the main character is from Meath Ireland,
and the plantation Tara just happens to also be a hill in Slane where kings were crowned.

I really could use a Twinkie..