On August 20th 2006 at the Free Chapel in Gainesville Georgia, I lay witness to your speech.
Long and hard I listened to your words as they echoed the chapel walls.

Like a high school pep rally, your words welled up the emotions of the people in the room.
Mixing gospel with the current events of the day your mission was clearly to gain support for the Bush administration’s war on terror.

One fact that you did not point out to the people and a fact that you may not know, is that on September 10th 2001
Dick Cheeny announced that the Pentagon has misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars.
The vice president gave the tax payers assurances that the loss would be explained when the accounting records have been fully reviewed.

Then by some miracle of fate, on September 11th 2001 the Pentagon was subject to an explosion
that just happened to occur in the section of the building where the needed accounting records to explain the loss were housed.
Suddenly the 2.3 trillion was lost forever.

Do yourself a favor by investigating the destiny of flight 77 that was said to liquefy as it plowed into the Pentagon at 500 miles per hour.
At that speed you are moving at a mile every seven seconds.
Ask a Navy top gun fighter pilot if he could hit the Pentagon at that speed at only four feet from the ground.

For the entire plane and all the passengers to completely liquefy would require a lot of heat for a long period of time.
The current fact that we are to BLeave is that the high rate of speed caused the plane to be sucked into hole created in the building.
Then the ensuing fire burnt hot and long enough to completely engulf all evidence of the planes existence.

For the fist time in recorded history, information travels faster than the governments can control.
As the facts of flight 77 are exposed to the population as a whole, we face the risk that our nation will fall into a civil war.
With the people that watch mass media sticking to their spoon feed BLeaf that the war on terror is real,
and on the other side will be the people that BLeave that the September 11th 2001 attacks we staged to plummet our nation into war.

In my book, you are a warmonger. Putting salt in the ancient wound of Abraham, you stir up emotions of genocide.
Do you think that Christ wanted to get on the cross? Never would Christ form an army like you promote in your speeches.
Christ would be the first to kneel to the Muslim sword.
You claim to be a Christian. Then start acting like one.
Through my soul, Christ lives today.

Included with this letter is a photograph that is a miracle.
On back you will find a truth that is called a KnoWell. Socrates, Newton, and Einstein, define a moment.
It is time to Know Christ Well.

Stop the rhetoric,
David Noel Lynch