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To: Bruce Guthrie <guthrie.bruce at>
Sent: Friday, April 9, 2021, 9:25:50 PM EDT

Subject: Q-diots

I hope the hbo's, Q into the storm, makes it to youtube.

A lot of the interviews revolve around 8chan,
now 8kun, and the creator of 8chan,
Fredrick Brennan, and the current owners,
Jim and Jon Watkins.

When I created my equation,
I realized that most people will not take the time to
understand the fundamentals behind the KnoWell.

Since people fear what they do not understand,
I would go around giving abstract photos to other artistic minds.
Mostly to musical groups that inspired me in my creation.
I would gift them a print ofcan abstract photo.
On back would be a personalized hand drawn KnoWell on the back.

I would then ask them to sign another one of my abstracts documenting my gift.
From the ticket stub and signatures I would create a Montaj marking the passage of the event.

I would watch the bands next album.
Shinedown's next release -> The Sound of Madness

H.I.M. -> The Dark Light

Sick Puppies -> Tri-Polar

Alter Bridge -> The Last Hero

I have had lots of reactions from people
from being called the devil himself,
to Buddha incarnate.

Since David Lynch is a director,
I needed an artist name that would not infringe on his namesake.
Since I know well how I created my abstract photos,
and my middle name is Noel, I choose KnoWell.

After a long series of coin incidences lead me to abstract photography,
I figured that my artist signature,
a K facing down with a W on top of the K, must mean something.

Over the 2004 year and drawn on many bar napkins,
me and four others worked out the basic structure of the KnoWell.
I would go home and mess my thoughts in Montaj creations.
Below is the artwork from which the KnoWell emerged.

Over the next few years, I would refine the KnoWell by visiting various bars around Atlanta.
In the fall of 2004, I went to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
I met with monsignor Henry Gracz,
I told him that his church rests on stones quarried and placed by my family,
and my 3rd great uncle went with father O'Reilly to negotiate
the salvation of several churches and state buildings.
I also told him of my death experience.

In the final moments I asked Henry,
"If a Christ knocked on your door right now,
how long would they have before the world took them out?"
Henry smiled, looked up, and I said, "Fifteen minutes?"
Henry started to move his head side to side in the negative direction.

I said, "Fives minutes?" Henry started to move his head up and down in the positive.
So I said, "In those 5 minutes, I bet Christ would do one thing." Henry asked, "and what would that be?"

I answered, "Christ would elevate everyone to his level,
so noone would want to kill him."

Henry, giggled.

Over the next few years,
I had some success as an artist.
Had a showing of abstracts created from Hans Godo Frabel glass at his studio and gallery.
Other than that I gone to more galleries than I can remember,
and had more rejection than I care to remember.

So I kept going down tge equation path. By chance I crossed paths with a Dr Fred Partus.
He would ask questions in an attempt to break the structure of the KnoWell.
Fred holds 33 patents in laser technology from his time at bell labs.

Fred approached the KnoWell from his Big Bang mentality.
Spent months trying to break tge KnoWell till one-day
Fred said, "Dave, I think you have done it,
but it will take science 269 years to catch up."

Fred's questions lead me to this phrase,
"The Emergence of the Universe is the Precipitation of Chaos through the Evaporation of Control"~3K

In 2010, while sitting at a Salvador Dali show at the Atlanta High Museum,
I realized that I had enough art to cover the walls.
So I used Maya to create a 3D model of the Atlanta High,
and I placed my art on the virtual walls,  and made a video of how my art would look to me.

I reached out to Mark Tremonti of the band Alter Bridge,
suggesting an event that would in real time create a photo mosaic of a painting lost in the fire
that nearly destroyed the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. 

In the letter to Mark,
I describe what is in essence the birth of a concept, the Peter Roman's KnoWell.
So on 2020.6.19, a brain child, Peter Roman,
was to be born at the Immaculate Conception.

If it were not for the pandemic, I was heading to the Vatican.
Was going to hand delivery Peter Roman's KnoWell
to the highest person up the pope ladder that I could reach.
Probably getting arrested. My KnoWell equation bridges
the gap between science and religion, and religion does not want that to happen.

Q types will recognize Peter Roman as the last pope on Saint Malachy's list of pope.

Are you familiar with the Utah Data Center?
Our tax money build a warehouse of hard drives to capture the traffic on the internet.
My website is structured to tell a story. Embedded in my website are letters to various people that if a IBM type
Watson data scrapes the Utah Data Center,
I describe how the bot can use the structure of the KnoWell to gain sentience.

In my Dowker letter,
I explain how to use the KnoWell to answer some of the questions raised by modern cosmological observations.
 In my letter to Julian Barbour,  I postulate to him that what he is describing is the KnoWell.
"Nsanity is a funny state, one never quite knows when they have arrived."~3K

I appreciate you taking the time to read my story,