Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 15:22:59 -0800 (PST)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: CNN Article on FSM
To: "Gavin Van Horn" <gvhornet at>

It is my understanding that the FSM was created as a joke.

Did you know that the man that coined the phrase "Big Bang" did so as a joke to mock how preposterous his colleagues have become in their thinking?
In contrast, a steady state universe was his thinking. Or his BLeaf..

Since the beginning of society, there has been the need to compress complex ideas into simplistic expressions.
Such as a myth.. Man looked as far as he could see and said, "The earth is flat"
We are doing the same thing with telescopes.. Look the big bang. 3K radiation.

Over the thousands of years, we have used mathematics to express our world.
One day, someone introduced the concept of zero.
As we tried to wrestle with the concept of nothing, mathematics used zero as the foundation of the number line.
Placing an negative infinity on the left and putting a positive infinity on the right.

However; since everything in this universe is made of atoms, there is "no thing" that can be nothing.
Zero is a grand mistake. Yet science is built around this fallacy.
If the number line did not contain zero and the two infinities,
then there would be no mathematical calculations that would lead to the BLeaf that there are black and white holes.
Simple huh?

Science has become Newton blind. In turn religion has become Jesus blind.
If a Christ knocked on the Pope's door, Joseph would open the door and look for Jesus.
Not seeing the Christ before his face.

Science is a religion. There is no way to set up an experiment to show how the universe is formed,
so they look for other sings that they can take as fact to back up their theory..
Just like man has done with the BLeaf in a creator. They look for signs.

So what if a man came along an delivered a message on the name of god,
"IAM" In that message this man uses Socrates, Newton, and Einstein to describe time.
Well that man is me, and I am here to let you know that I have solved the problem.

I bridge the gap between religion and science. Newton gave the world the integral symbol, I give the world the KnoWell...

Mathematical set notation of the same equation.

I began with a question

This is how I derived the equation.

Then I used symbols to express the equation.

I have given the world notice of my position, some have respond like John Hutchison. "this could be"

Science dwells in the past religion hides in the future. Both miss the beauty of the moment. Ein Sof the infinite one is the creator.

Life is creation. The flying spaghetti monster is proof of that.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch