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I stumbled upon your website via a link on

You make many excellent points and ask many great questions
that society should address.

What if there was a way to educate the people fast enough to stop this
madness? A good start would be to show the movie,
Loose Change, on mass media at prime time.

Then again, what if there was a way to bridge the gap between Science and
Religion? With something like a new equation for time space
that provides room for both to coincide. I have such an
equation in which I use the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and
the logic of Socrates to define a moment in time. I call the equation the
KnoWell. Below is a link to a video of my drawing a KnoWell.

I have sent out numerous emails to many great minds trying to get my
equation evaluated. Most people have not responded. One response came
from John Hutchison. He loved the above video. Said that this could be..
Below is a link to several of the letters. However recently my website
has gone off line. I wonder why.

The next time you are in Atlanta Georgia, I would love to present to you
a peace of abstract artwork to you. Like the ones that I have given out
as gifts. Each with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back. Trying to give my
equation a chance to survive the ignorance of our time.

I find coin incidences very interesting. Like the peace that was written
on my 48th birthday.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch

Sorcha Faal
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