Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 03:30:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: Dave Chappelle's Pocket Cash
To: "James Wright" <jdp at>


After the show, I was standing out back of the Tabernacle to get Dave's signature.
That is when I witnessed one of the most moving moments of my life.

When he walked over my way he said, "I remember you. The Art."

Then he signed a copy print of the birthday card.
I had presented it and several other peaces in an envelope to his wife before the show..
Below is a link to the birthday card image that Dave signed.

Then as he moved down the line of people, he came across a man that was down on his luck.
The man leaned in close and whispered to Dave. In response Dave said, "I do not know man"
Then Dave reached into his pocket. Dave said, "I only have stage cash."

As Dave's hand came from his pocket there was a single bill that was so crumpled that
I could not tell for sure what denomination it was. It may have been a five.
The man thanked Dave as Dave turned to move on down the line. I had moved and Dave was looking right at me.

I reached out my hand and shook Dave's hand and said, "Thanks for the memories."
As Dave looked into my eyes and shook my hand, we had a moment that I am sure that neither of us will soon forget.
Such a look of sorrow for the man down on his luck.

As I released his hand, I was still looking him in the eyes when I told him, "You da man. You da man."

The compassion and humanity in Dave Chappelle last night on his 34th birthday is at a level that
I can only hope to match when the world comes knocking on my door.
He could have just as easily told the guy that he did not carry cash.

One thing that I KnoWell is that when the world does show up at my door,
Dave Chappelle like you and a few others will be there standing with me.