Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 14:29:23 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: We met in Atlanta on 2006.11.30 at Borders Books
To: "Debie Dobbs"
CC: "Lou Dobbs"

Debie, Lou,

Please pardon me taking so long to send you this follow to our conversation.
To refresh your memories, I am the person that asked Lou what he felt about for profit corporation running the electronic voting system,
and I am the one that presented you with the tube containing a 13"x19" print.

When I first approached you, I told you that my family came to Atlanta in the 1840s,
and where there when Sherman came to burn Atlanta. I mentioned that when the evacuation order was given to leave the city,
that my family did not honor the order. Staying to protect their homes and several Churches from the Union torch.

I also showed you a photograph of Che Guevara from his Bolivian diary.

You were very kind to suggest that I should write a book. You may remember my response to you was that I am over whelmed.
I knew that it was not the time to try and explain to you how I have written the skeletal structure of three books.
One set in the future, "Intuition", one set in the past, "Looms", and one set in the present, "A pair of dimes".
The main points that I wish to make in my stories can be found at the below link.

At the time of our conversation, I was trying to remain focused so that I could draw you a KnoWell on the back of an 8"x10" print of sunlight trapped in stained glass.

So focused on drawing the symbol that I had to ask you four times your name, and then I jumped the gun and wrote Debbie.
You may also remember that when you gave me your email address, I flip flopped the o and l in AOL...

In some ways, I am boxed in to a dyslexic prison like Stephen J. Cannell. When he appeared at the same Borders books not long before Lou,
I presented Stephen with the same 13"x19" print. I was lucky enough to ask Stephen a question. I asked if he ever flipped colors like yellow and orange.
He said no, but that I may be disgraphnic. That I was the first disgraphnic person that he ever met.

To mark the passage of the Cannell event, I created the below series of images. Starting with a photograph that
I took of Dale Chihuly glass at the Atlanta botanical gardens.

Then using photoshop to create a four way reflection, a quad train if you will.

Then adding Stephen's signature and a few reminders as to the artwork that he was presented and one that he saw.

My artwork has become my diary. The people, the places, and the things that I think about,
all integrated in a collage format that I call Montaj. My first Montaj revolved around my discovery that my family had saved the
Catholic church the Immaculate Conception from being burnt.

Soon I started to use a four way quad train reflection as the back ground for all future Montaj creations.

In my book Looms, I write about the four Lynch brothers that saved their homes and several churches from destruction.
I link know facts and conjecture to create a passion that was strong enough to stand looking death in the face.
Looms begins with a conversation between a Cherokee Indian named church and my great great great grand father James.

Church tells of a great war that is coming to this nation. Using the astronomical signs of three solar eclipses coming together on the Georgia Alabama line.

In the early 1850s James tries to warn his brother Patrick of the war, but Patrick is hell bent on building the Immaculate Conception
so that the Catholics would bring a parish to Atlanta. Confusion set in as James tried to tell others of Church's warning,
but most people thought of Patrick's building not a person. Nearly driving James mad as he watched the political signs splitting the nation down the middle.

Then as the war came, Patrick and James bond with Church and a passion in Patrick became so strong that he stood up to general
Slocum and negotiated the salvation of several churches.

We have a similar situation today. A man has come to warn of a war on the middle class. We face a series of solar eclipses starting in
2009 culminating with two eclipses. One in 2017 and one in 2024.

This time, the eclipses form a X on the heart of America. The new madrid fault line just happens to be directly under the X.
So it could be said that I great disaster could be about to hit the heart of America.

The signs are clear to those that open their eyes. History has placed us here for a reason.
About a year ago a stopped writing my stories because my life became to story....

On July 7th 2007, 7.7.7, lets call it Las Vegas day. I have tried to get James Randi to met me at the Wynn casino
at the Parasol down bar. I challenged him to his offer for any one that could prove the paranormal. Newton's third law of motion is my grounds for challenge.
At first Randi accepted my challenge, then he called my a child and told me to go stand in the corner.

The man has no idea who I am, and what I have done. I am like my great great great grand father.
I have a message that few will listen too because they are so blinded by what they BLeave to be true. I started my discovery with a question.

That question contains a Lynchpin.

From that Lynchpin, I derived a truth that has become the KnoWell. The symbol that you saw me draw on the back of your 8"x10" print.

Forever lead me to elohim.

Then to gold

Finally encompassed by Berta.

I could go on and on, and I hope one day that I get a chance to put my discovery out to the world in book form.
But until I get the funding and time to do so I will continue to try my best to touch those that are in a position to make a difference.

I wish not to appear on the Lou Dobbs show, that would mean that Lou and I had become adversaries.
I would not like that. However, I would like to appear on the Glenn Beck show. I saw John Edward on Glenn's show.
Glenn asked John why did he not accept James Randi's offer to challenge for the 1 million dollars.

John responded that he cannot take anyone seriously if they have an adjective at the beginning of their name. The amazing Randi....

I have invited James Randi to be in Las Vegas on 2007.7.7, I would love to get on Glenn Beck and challenge James Randi
to his one million offer as I draw the world a KnoWell...

I presented my case to an Mike Disney, an astro physicist. He responded that my theory was pretty deep stuff and will take him a while to think about.
Below is a link to a graphic that shows the error in Newton's law....

Please pardon me, N Sanity is a funny state, one is never really sure when they arrived.... Below is a page from my digital diary.

Tells the story of me presenting the Gold Montaj to Archbishop Donoghue at his retirement mass.
I have also presented the same peace to Archbishop Gregory.

I am here to change to world. I am just not sure if I will accomplish it in my life time.
I have presented over a thousand images with a hand drawn KnoWell on the back. If I die today, I trust that the KnoWell will live forever...

Recently I made this Montaj for Colin Quinn.

I have touched many great minds, and they have touched me..

No matter what happens. Please do join me at the Wynn Casino's Parasol down bar on 2007.7.7...

The current presiding bishop of the episcopal church was kind enough to write me a card in response to the images that I sent her.

I made this Montaj to mark the passage of that event...

Will the world ever see the man that tied sunlight in a knot?

Please consider helping me to get on Glenn Beck to draw a KnoWell so that I can publically challenge James Randi for his one million dollars.
You were very quick to see that Lou is in the moment... I think that John Edward gets his ability from touching the moment like few others dare try.

Several people at the bar that I hang out at want to see Lou run from president... Me too, that way, I would not have to run in 2012...
We have got to change things, now, and I turst that Lou would do what is best for the people of this great nation..

Thank you for your time,
David Noel Lynch..