Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 00:59:25 -0800 (PST)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: Einstein's Dice
To: "Brian Cox" <Brian.Cox at>

Please pardon my intrusion into your busy day.
Since I cannot sit between Einstein and Bohr as they argue their concepts,
I can only reach out to those that may have a chance at understanding my theory.
What brings me to you is a program on the Science Channel about Einstein.
In that show, you make a statement that if one knows all the variables regarding the toss of a die, then the result of the toss can be foretold.
Your statement is very true in a static world.

However; as you KnoWell, that at any given moment the possibilities of what can happen must out weigh the actuality of what does happen.
If the possibilities of what could happen were less than the sum total of what actually does happens, then there would be no room for change.
Game over.

Thus uncertainty opens the door to creation, and chaos adds flavor to the experience we call life.
Such as when Galileo placed two polished glass spheroids together creating a lens that visually bridged vast distances,
he opened the human experience to lunar wonders.

As I type these words to you, I am touching immortality by creating a LENS that bridges the gap of time.
Using the reasoning of Lynch, the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates,
I present to you an equation for a moment of time. I call it the KnoWell. Splitting the photon in to both particle and wave.

The same KnoWell equation structure with variables in a mathematical set notation is at the below link.
The past cast in particles demands the of possibilities of a future encoded in waves.

At the below link is a letter to John Hutchison using the structure of the KnoWell to try and express to him how his levitation effect may be working.
John responds, "hey thank you this could be.." Keywords, "...this could be..."

As you perform your experiments at CERN,
please consider that inner space is bubbling up clockwise creating quantum loops of gravity that are nearly in balance
with outer space that is collapsing counter clockwise. Thus gravity is a push due to the collapse of outer space.
Not a pull from inner space due to some attraction of atoms.
Atoms are trying to get away from each other.

For the secrets of time and space to be understood, the mathematical language of Science must change.
Nothing is zero, nothing is equal, and nothing is infinite.
Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch