Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 05:08:05 -0800 (PST)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
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Subject: Nostradamus Century VIII 38
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This letter to you may be a complete waste of energy.
Your website warns that you will not open any email that has an attachment due to the fear of contamination.

By chance that my efforts in typing this memo is not a complete waste of time,
I will try to explain myself.... Presently, Now, is Eternity.

On June 19th 1977, I was involved in a serious automobile accident. In that wreck, I had a death experience.
For 26 years, the memories of that night were clear as a bell, then I looked at the experience in the complete reverse.

No longer was I at peace with what had been ingrained in my mind that June night. Grappling with questions
that science will not even look at, to try and answer it I have only myself to work on an explanation.

The result has been an artistic expression over the past three years that is now two tera bytes in size...
Starting with a form of abstract photography, I then began to write words on the images.
The art work has become my personal diary.

I understand that your policy is not to open any email with an attachment,
and I suspect that you will not open any links to web pages due to the same fear of contamination.

So please let me try to express to you my integrity and maybe,
just maybe you will venture out and take a look at the artwork
that I have created in an effort to explain my death experience to myself...

My family has been in Atlanta Georgia since the 1840's.
During the American civil war, my family did not evacuate as ordered
and lived through the burning of Atlanta in the heart of the city.
Preventing their homes from being set ablaze, and negotiating the salvation
of several churches most notably the Immaculate Conception Catholic church.

In 2003, I discovered that my cousin is Ernesto "Che" Guevara.
In the Bolivian diary, I found a self portrait of Che when he was in disguise.
My friends ask me is that your father. Some say is that you.

Given the history of my blood line, I understand fully the position
that I have been placed in by the life that I lead.
So in now way would I ever wish to impede you in your daily routine.

I swear that the links that I send you to on my web site are free of any malicious code,
and wish only for you to enjoy the abstracts that I have created in
my attempt to explain my death experience to those that will listen.

In November of 2004, I walked into the Immaculate Conception Shrine,
and told the Monsignor Henry Gracz that is my writings are correct
that something great is going to happen in December.

Little did I know that on December 26th the Tsunami would strike.
Due to the International date line, the quake struck on December 25th at 19:59 hours.
1959 is the year of my conception...

Be this validation or not, history has presented me with a challenge.
To teach those that will listen.... Since most do not BLeave in things like death experiences,
I can teach few in an objective manner and receive honest feed back.
We live in a polarized society. Religiously and scientifically.

On January 10th 2005, I presented the peace at the below gold link to
Archbishop Donoghue at his retirement mass at Christ the King in the confessional.

On March 20th 2005, I presented the peace at the below gold link to Archbishop Gregory as the spring feast mass.

On October 15th 2005, I presented the peace at the below gold link to Dale Chihuly at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

On June 19th 2006, I presented the peace at the below gold link to David Chappelle at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

On September 11th 2006, I mailed the peace at the below gold link to the David Lynch foundation.

On November 30th, 2006, I presented the peace at the below gold link to
Lou and Debie Dobbs of CNN at a book signing at Boarders books in Atlanta Ga.

Most of their responses have been, "It is beautiful. What is it?"

How can I tell anyone that it is a Quad Train?
How can I explain to anyone that it is a differential equation
that expresses a moment in time?
I cannot not, so this email may have been a complete waste of time.

If by chance, you have ventured to my website
and taken a look at the gold peace, to get a better look at
the KnoWell symbol the image at the below link shows
how I use Socrates, Newton, and Einstein to split the photon.

I have invited the director David Lynch to
join me at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on July 7th 2007,
that is 7.7.7, where I will bet the casino two nickels,
a pair a dime, that KnoWell, I, Split the Photon.
I will stand up to all questions from whom ever..
Bring it on... They are going down. I have a truth to bet them with..

At the same time, I will boot zero off the number line.

The past: -1<0.0<1+
The future: -1>0.0>1+
The moment: -1>0.0<1+

Thus both the past and future are bound together wicking away from the moment.
Call me crazy, but it looks like Nostradamus saw me in his quatrain 38 in Century VIII..

Science and religious theory are about to change. It may take till 3219.6.19 for it to happen,
but it looks like the big bang did not happen and that a Christ is here today...
We live in a collision between the antiquity of inner space
emerging clock wise and the eternity of outer space collapsing counter clockwise.
Or vica versa.

The atomic dust trail that we are leaving is the 3K
radiation that expands us through this space time continuum.
Black holes are an emergence of energy, not the gravity waste land of a singularity.

Blind by faith the pope will miss a Christ standing before him.
Blinded by the big bang, science will not see the KnoWell.
BLeave it or not, but I touched death to create it..

Thank you for your time,
would love to see you
at the Bellagio on 2007.7.7

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch