Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 02:32:08 -0800 (PST)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: We have it all backwards.
To: "Steve Desch" <steve.desch at>
CC: "Neil deGrasse Tyson" <TysonWebQuery at>


An article on regarding your theory on the formation of the outer planets,
one of your quotes says, "Basically, I'm saying we have it all backwards:".

In relation to gravity, I have been telling my colleagues that we have it backwards.
Maybe you can imagine how I get lots of strange looks when I directly assault Newton's logic by reversing the law of attraction.
You may be giving me one right now.

Yet in the next part of your quote, you directly challenge Newton's law of attraction by saying,
"Planet-forming material had to have drifted outward, not in towards the sun."

To try and explain my position to people, I have created an equation using Socrates,
Newton, and Einstein to describe a moment. Below is a link to the equation that I call the KnoWell.
The avignon link is a philosophical statement.

Like with the square root symbol, a person needs to be taught its meaning.
So let me try and give you another form of the equation for your reference.
The wreck link is the KnoWell as a mathematical set statement.

Without me there to hand drawing you a KnoWell while explaining the reason why and where the words are placed on the structure,
I expect that you cannot see how the equation puts a challenge to Newton's laws of motion.

However; you might have taken notice to the left side that has the words, Particle, Background Radiation, and Loop Gravity.
You may have noticed that the right side has the words, Wave, Creation of Space, and Super Strings.

Did you notice that everything descends down from Infinity at the top just above the M for moment and mass.
You may have noticed at the bottom left the letter c and at the bottom right the letter c for the speed of light. KnoWell, I, Split the Photon..

The central line that runs from -1 to 1+ is Newton's third law. Action birth reaction death.
Did you catch that there is a third state on the central Newton line?
Life is in a triangulum of time with both the past and future bound together as they run away from the moment.

In sum total, gravity is a push resulting from outer space super string intertwining inwards as inner space loop gravity
precipitate particles outward in direct response to the collapse of subatomic outer space..
Thanks to Newton, we have been looking at this all backwards....

I leave you with a letter that I wrote to John Hutchison.
I use the logic of the KnoWell to explain how his levitation effect may be working.
Below is a link to that letter. At the top is John's response, "hey thank you this could be..." Key words, "this could be..".

Works like yours is going to help prove true work like mine..