From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
To: Daniels, Gary <Disney>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018, 2:07:03 AM EDT
Subject: Magicbands


Thank you. We all appreciated the extra passes.
They made the last day for us stress free from missing any last attractions..

Most of the week felt like we were walking into a firm wind.
Wondering what level of service we will receive at the next attraction.
The cast members had different levels of training. 
I learned that only the cast members with access to the tablets
can make the required changes to our magicbands.

If I were to run a postmortem of the Lynch Family Trip,
the result would be to use secret shoppers
modeled after my family to test cast members across your attractions.
Building a basic family with one infant, one disability access service guest, two parents,
with a couple multiple experience passes.
Using our experience at Mission Space as the bench mark
of what not to let happen in future encounters with guests.

There were a few other problems,
like Steven Dailey did not have any multiple experience passes for his trip.
I figure he lost his when his girl friend was removed from his reservation.
We compensated by using mine or
another group member's multiple experience pass to get him past the gate.

The time window to return for a rider swap is way too short.
We were lucky and could move on using multiple experience passes to later return to the attraction,
but a family that has to go use a fast pass at another attraction
cannot always return to take the rider swap within an hour.
The swap should last till gates are locked.

For years, I have been a programmer. Started with a TRS-80,
trained at Control Data using the Plato based education system,
achieving a bachelors degree in computer science with a minor in Artificial intelligence.
I was the first person to write an IBM mainframe program program in LiSP
that provided a listing of classes needed to graduate
as fast as the courses allowed including all per-requisites.

I hope that Disney buys to integrate the planning tools.
As more people plan their vacations scheduling things like attractions, dining, and character meets,
Disney can load balance staff and supplies to meet the flow of guests through the properties.

Looking back,
I regret not going back to get the gift card after I purchased the Britto Winnie the Pooh.
Is there a way that you could send me a void gift card.
I am building a collage around the family photo with Mickey Mouse.

Looking forward,
Will you do me a favor?
Please read my letter to Myles Kennedy of the band Alter Bridge?
I personally handed the letter to Myles,
and I hope that he will reply to my request.

Over the past decade, I have presented gifts of my artwork to many individuals.
A small collection of them can be found at the below link.

On the back of the artwork prints that I gave as gifts,
there is a hand drawn equation that uses the energy of Einstein,
the force of Newton,
and the logic of Socrates
to describe a moment of time as infinite.
I call the equation the KnoWell.

As I told Dave Chappelle on his 34th birthday,
"Dave, I have changed the world, but the world does not know it yet."
Dave replied with a smile on his face, "Man. You got that right."
Dave looks at me for a moment and says,
"Much respect. Much respect. Much respect."
Below is my gift to Dave on 19 Jun 2006.
That I gave him on the 29th anniversary of my car wreck.

I have also reached out to scientist
describing how to apply the KnoWell equation to modern cosmology.
Like the letter that I wrote to Fay Dowker.

On the night that my artistic expression began, 16 Sept 2003,
I was reflecting on the most traumatic experience of my life. My Death.

Would love to be able to talk with a Disney animator.
My vision far outweighs my 3D modeling skills.
My best attempt to give my artwork a chance to survive the ravage of time,
was to build a model of the Atlanta High Museum,
place my artwork upon their walls,
and create a virtual video of my artwork on their virtual walls.
Galileo had his objective lens.
I have created a philosophical lens,
my KnoWell equation.

To preserve the original artwork files used in the LENS:2012.12.12 video,
I made a M-Disk that is a BD-XL Blu-ray
using a rock like substrate to store information instead of an organic based disk.
The disk contains the artwork in the same print size as seen in the video,
the Maya 3D model of the Atlanta High Museum containing the exact placement
of the lighting to illuminate the artwork as seen in the video.

I present a Blu-ray to the Atlanta High Museum, with the LENS:2012.12.12 video. I told the VP's secretary,
"You really should have a showing of my artwork, while I am alive and can sign them. "
I have not gotten a response. Actually, most people do not respond to me.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, 7:53:06 PM EDT, Daniels, Gary < at > wrote:

Mr Lynch,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.
So sorry you ran into challenges. Im going to look into these details you provided.  

We have added 2 more anytime Fastpasses for everyone in your party for tonight and tomorrow.
I hope everyone can get some additional experiences before you head out. 


Gary Daniels 

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any typos and brevity. 

On Jul 19, 2018, at 2:59 PM, David Lynch <dnl1960 at> wrote:


I left you a voicemail in the middle of a system
procedure failure that pushed me over the edge.

The luxury of having multiple experience passes turned into a nightmare
forcing me to spend hours educating your cast members on the new system.

On the first day while trying to make my first reservation for my grand son with special needs,
I crossed paths with Cynthia at the Winnie the Pooh attraction.
We had set up our group with customer relations before hand.
Was told anyone can set up a reservation,
but Andrew has to be the first to return. Seems easy enough.

I approached Cynthia,
I said that I would like to set up a return time for my special needs grand son.
She looked at me and told me no problem,
then asked to scan my band.
She looked at me a said, "You can go"

I looked at her and said you just took one of my multiple experience passes
and I will need that back.
She told me, "I can't do that."
With a frown on my face, I said, "I will take it on a paper pass."
Again, she said, "I can't do that. You need to see customer services."

I shook my head, and said I am not walking to the opposite side of the park for your mistake.
Told her to call a supervisor. By the time the supervisor got to my location,
Cynthia had walked away.
The supervisor gave me a paper pass to replace my lost multiple experience pass,
and she set up the return time for Andrew Sloan and his party.

When we returned Cynthia was there,
and I walked up and said, "i am sorry that I had a melt down earlier."
Cynthia looked at me and said,
"I told you that I could not do it."
I said that is no way to respond to an apology.
Cynthia's response to my apology is no way to treat a customer.

Not too long after Winnie the Pooh's problem, we tried to set up another return time for Andrew Sloan.
We went to Buzz Light year Space Range Spin.
We returned at our time, and the group started to go in.
The line stopped, and I was left hanging for a moment before I could scan in.
When everyone in front of me scanned in, the light spun around the fast pass entry sensor, then went green.
As I scanned in, the light flickered quickly and turned green.

I asked the lady if that just took one of my multiple experience passes.
She said no. Later on, we found out the hard way that indeed my pass was taken at Buzz Light year.

At EPCOT, we set up rider swap on Spaceship Earth.
The first group went in fast pass, and were given a return time.
They walked back to watch their kids. A second set of parents were setting up their return times,
when one of them noticed that the time was based on the standby line not the fast pass time.
I asked if the first group's time could be adjusted,
and was told that she would pass them by on the fast pass return time.

All was fine and dandy until they went back and the lady that set up the rider swaps was not there..
I explained my situation to the new lady and she said, "Let me scan your band to see what is going on."
When she scanned my band, she looked at me and said, "You can go"

Shaking my head side to side,
I said, "You just took my multiple experience pass."
We had to again call a supervisor.
Each 20 plus minutes that passed disrupted our daily touring plans more and more.
By the time we left EPCOT,
we were basically teaching your cast members how to use the system to set up rider swaps.

With return times split across two set of riders,
the retention of multiple experience passes was paramount.
Becoming more stressful, then we hit Test Track right at 9 pm.

The process there was not the same as everywhere else.
They wanted us to walk to the exit, when the first group finished their ride,
the second group and get back on.
I said to the cast member that I told the rider swap group them about how they can design that cars.
I was told that rider swap people do not get to design cars.

I ask for another supervisor. A lady named Paige, came over to sort things out,
by making it so everyone could design their own cars.
She go on her tablet and credited two multiple experience passes to the group.
The entire process took from right at 9 pm till 11 pm to sort out, but she did her best.

The new rider swap system placed a tremendous amount of stress on me forcing me to remember the return times.
Of course as multiple experience passes the rider swaps appear in the my Disney experience app,
but most of the time when I tried to open the multiple experience passes the app will timeout saying that something went wrong.
Plus the passes shooed read Attraction Name Rider Swap like 7 Dwarfs Rider Swap.

Each rider swap that we set up had problems until we set up our swaps for 7 Dwarfs Train. Nate was right on spot.
Gave us a return time based on the fast pass time. He gave us 20 minute return time of 5:08.

What pushed me over the edge,
was that I told the first set of rider swaps to return to the ride at 5:10 
giving a twp minute window in case your watch does not have the same time as my watch.
I got turned around and the girls returned 1 minute too soon.
Thus losing their multiple experience passes.

When I explained to the cast member that I need to see if the girls just returned too early and used their last multiple experience pass,
she said, "I cannot do that" I asked if she can get someone that can, and she pointed towards the Castle and said,
"You need to go to customer relations at the front of the park." 

Each time a multiple experience pass was lost,
I was advised to trek off to customer relations.
Enough was enough, I told the cast member to get customer relations here to me.
She looked at me funny, so I said, "Get a supervisor." That is when I called you.

I was saving one multiple experience pass for each of us to visit Mickey Mouse to have a family portrait with Mickey.
I am creating a family heirloom using a Disney print titled "Wish You Were Here."
All the family members signed the boarder around the mickey and Minnie mouse witting on the beach print.

All that was missing was the family portrait with Mickey.
Losing the multiple experience passes would put us in the stand by line,
and the toddlers and infants would surely meltdown.

David from Orlando, the guy I mentioned in my voice mail,
gave us passes that got us into the meet and great for the portrait,
but several adults had melted down on their kids because it took David a while to sort out my situation.

When David started to work on my problem,
he said that he could not see all of my group on his tablet.
I told him that it the original problem that lead to me getting the multiple experiences passes in the first place.
So last night, my account was still having data integrity issues.

Please pardon me if this letter is repetitive,
I am running on 4 hours sleep per night.
Keeping a group of 18 people on track is like herding cats.