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Hi David,

Thank you for sending the link to your YouTube video. I am very impressed with the work you have done there.
As much as I hate to place things into categories, I must say I find your style of Philosophy engaging.
You have taken thousands of years of Philosophy, science and religion and reduced it to a series of equations which then,
through a kind of geometric mathematics, fall naturally enough into an art form, leaving you, KnoWell, at its heart.
Who would think to find the symbol of "infinity" (positive and negative) at opposite sides of an equation ...
and that an equal sign is never really an equal sign but a reality (an equalizer) that links polar opposites.

Reviewing Quatrain 8.38 I will tell you, if I neglected to do so back in 2005,
that the "King of Blois" is the one who Nostradamus believed will one day be the beast of Revelation (or Anti-Christ).

The King of Blois in Avignon reigns, for another time the people bloodthirsty. Beside the Rhone
his walls he will build, fifth of his name and last before Nolle.

There are many ways to interpret the functioning of KnoWell (Nolle) at the end of the final line,
but it looks like a point of termination or an obstacle to the Anti-Christ,
possibly it is the prophesied cutting short of his days:

For then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no,
nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved;
but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short. Mat 24:21, 22

Oh, by the way ... there is one other Nolle quatrain, Q3.74:

Naples, Florence, Faenza and Imola, will come to terms of such vexation:
As to please the evil ones of Nolle, who complains that his chief has been mocked.

Your ancestry is noted! I too have found an interesting bloodline in England and France on my mother's side. 
And as for what I said about celebrity.. haha ..
during the last four years I have found out there are far more of them in Nostradamus than I gave him credit for.
My mistake.

I'll be posting your email along with the link to your splendid and instructive YouTube video as soon as I can.

Thank you David,


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Back in 2005, we had a short exchange via email.  Started with me asking if Nostradamus mentioned a KnoWell.
You pointed me to C8Q38. I was quick to suggest that this quatrain is indeed talking about me.
You just as quick refuted my position, mentioning that Royalty and church leaders made up 95 percent of Nostradamus' "Celebrity"

PS I really doubt Nostradamus was talking about you. You are a gifted artist and intellectual, but still one of many.
I wouldn't try to take things farther than that.
We have a hard enough time trying to find famous people in the quatrains that one would think he should have foreseen ...
and most of them are just not there. Royalty and church leaders made up about 95% of what Nostradamus considered as "celebrity."

Recently I found that according to, my 50th great grand father is Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinius.
Better known as Constantine. The man that set up the current version of Christianity in his council of Nicaea starting on June 19th 325.
Same day as my car wreck death experience of June 19th 1977 that 26 years later inspired the creation of the KnoWell..

In the spirit of Hagel, using the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates,
I have created an equation that defines a moment of time.
The KnoWell is a simple concept that like a thief in the night might take a hundred to a thousand years to be seen or understood.
The below KnoWell was drawn for Peter Roman.

The KnoWell was delivered to the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Atlanta Georgia in November of 2004
where I predicted something great was to happen in December 2004.
The great quake struck on December 25th 2004 at 19:59 EST. 
On the birth of Christ day at the time of the year of my conception. 1959..

My prediction along with the KnoWell was given to Henry Gracz at the Immaculate Conception Shrine
that rests on stones quarried and placed by my blood family.
That was protected from Sherman's torch during the American Civil war by my blood family.

The odds of my life are astronomical. Yet most people only see a coin incidence.
"A Pair of Dimes" If I am the, Nolle, then this blindness actually keeps me safe. Like a thief in the night.

I KnoWell that my concept that brings down the Catholic Church has been delivered. It is just gonna take time.

Best wishes,

Henry III England is my 22nd great grand father
Louis VI of France is my 26th great grand father
Ryurik Novgorod is my 33rd great grand
Marcus Aurelius is my 58th great grand father

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Hi David,

Some time ago the Catholic Church declared that there may be an
indeterminate number of popes between Glory of the Olive and Peter the Roman.
I'm not sure of the reasoning, but it has something to do with the way
Petrus Romanus is worded compared to the wording of each of the 112 mottos.

Also, to quote from one web site:
"Those popes who reigned between Malachy's time and 1590 are described with great accuracy.
After 1590, the descriptions become obscure.
In many cases devotees of the prophecy have been unable to explain
how a particular description could refer to the pope to which it corresponds.
Many post-1590 descriptions simply make no sense."

Some authorities have gone so far as to declare Malachy's list of popes a Vatican hoax since it was not "discovered"
in the archives until the 16th Century and yet was supposedly written in the 12th Century.
None of Malachy's biographers ever have mentioned him making such a prophecy.

If Malachy's prophecy is authentic,
I have nevertheless concluded that at least some of the antipopes might not have been included in his list.

For an example of the latter idea,
note that Pope Benedict XVI sailed up the Rhine to Cologne in August and preached to the people from a cruise ship.
This is more in keeping with the motto "Pastor and Mariner" which was applied to Pope John XXIII (1958-1963).
It never really fit Pope John XXIII all that well.  It fits Benedict much better.

Also note that many of the efforts to apply "Labours of the Sun" to Pope John Paul II since 1978 seemed forced,
save for the solar eclipse that allegedly occurred at his birth (not in Poland, as it turns out, but in the southern hemisphere).
It wasn't until his funeral during another solar eclipse that this rather weak idea gained strength, with solar eclipses at both ends of his life.

Nevertheless, Benedict XVI has done more sailing as "Pastor and Mariner" than the man the motto was applied to, who did none.
He is scheduled to sail to Turkey some time in 2006 where he may preach again from the ship.

If Benedict XVI is the real "Pastor and Mariner,"
then there are four more popes until Glory of the Olive, and five until Peter of Rome.


PS I really doubt Nostradamus was talking about you.
You are a gifted artist and intellectual, but still one of many.
I wouldn't try to take things farther than that.
We have a hard enough time trying to find famous people in the quatrains
that one would think he should have foreseen ...
and most of them are just not there.
Royalty and church leaders made up about
95% of what Nostradamus considered as "celebrity."


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You are most helpful in this.

How does the vision of Malachy fit into the time table.
With Gloria Olivae potentially Benedict XVI. Only Peter Roman away from the pope's fall?

I have used my technique of Montaj to capture Century VIII verse 38.

Used the name Nolle as a web link.

A peace of the "alexio" Montaj...

What if for just a moment, Nostradamus was talking of me?

The King, Lee Roy, a popular southern US name.

Bloys, below US, from the Southern US, Atlanta..

I can explain, but I need to get some rest..
 I have been making Montaj all night

Thus far, I have written a story that tears at the mind..

I created this Christ Mas day 2005.


Mike <mmcclellan at> wrote:
Hi David,

Sorry about the cryptic layer of meaning I sent along about this quatrain.
Based on your own rather cryptic "KnoWell, I AM, 3K" I thought that was what you might want to hear.

My actual interpretation of Q8.38 is apocalyptic in the Biblical sense.

Line one:  "the King of Blois" is the beast of Revelation, the Final Antichrist.
His reign in Avignon alludes to his overthrow of the final pope
(who shall take refuge there) and the casting down of Christianity.

Line two:  yet again, the people will be bloodthirsty
as they were during the French Reign of Terror and several revolutions yet to come.
The three previous times: 1792-93, 2025, and 2150.  The bloodlust this time will be directed towards Christians.
This will seem like yet "another time" but it will be for the last time.

Line three:  the Rhone is indeed the river you mention.
The walls (murs) may be actual walls or they can also mean military regiments.

Line four:  "Fifth of his name" links to another quatrain where Nostradamus
calls the Final Antichrist or beast "a fifth and powerful Hercules."

Noel is actually rendered "the Noel":  the Second Coming of Christ.  The "king of Blois" shall be "the last" emperor
of the West (the beast, in other words) before the Second Coming of Christ.

I do not believe this quatrain will be fulfilled until around the date given by Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henry II
and also in several quatrains with astrological datings as AD 2242 or 2243.  Quite some time away.



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For another time the people bloodthirsty.
Anytime of war.

The King of Blois in Avignon reigns,
Benedict XVI Reigns in Avignon

Beside the Rhone his walls he will build,
The Rhone River begins high in the Swiss Alps. It winds across Switzerland,
goes through Lake Geneva, enters France and after curving through the foothills of the western Alps turns south toward the sea.
For over 100 miles, the river follows the valley to finally go through Avignon in Provence,
which in one period of history was a papal residence.

Fifth of his name and last before Noel.

1) James Lynch 2) Patrick Lynch 3) Charles Joseph Lynch 4)Charles Joseph Lynch Jr 5) Charles Joseph Lynch III

David Noel Lynch last of the James Lynch branch. All family members having girls.

Enter Nolle or KnoWell

Could 8:38 be a last days for the Pope message?

Mike <mmcclellan at> wrote:
Hello Mr Lynch,

Thank you for the links.

The following quatrain may be of interest to you:

Quatrain 8.38  

The King of Blois in Avignon reigns,
For another time the people bloodthirsty.
Beside the Rhone his walls he will build,
Fifth of his name and last before Noel.

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it does have your name, Noel (KnoWell).
The "walls" could be montages.
It may be a coded message not only for bloodthirst, but for someone dying of thirst in line 1
(not a vinegar [vineyard] for a king BeLowUs or BellowUs).

I, too, was in a serious car crash in December 1977.
21 years later, I fell down a hill and had multiple abrasions. 

7 years later, yesterday,
I just recovered from the most horrible case of food poisoning (or else flu) I have ever had.
It hit me on Thursday, a day before Christmas Eve.

I know all too well, that base 7 works. 


Nope not the same David Lynch

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The past few years have lead me down a path of discovery.

On that journey, for some reason or another,
I have created many peaces of artwork trying to express the vision that has besieged my mind.

Below is a link to a NASA website that shows two eclipses that cross in the heart of America..
Putting great stress on the New Madrid fault.

I have implemented the image in an art form that I call Montaj..



I have created over three terabytes of images and art trying to tell the story that echoes within my mind...

Would you search the work of Nostradamus for the name KnoWell?

I have been using the term Quad Train to teach flow in my work..

Thank you for your time,
David Noel Lynch

On June 19th 1977, I had a serious car accident in which I had a death experience...
7 has great significance to me as well..

KnoWell, I AM, 3K